Doug Polk $100 - $10,000 Bankroll Challenge Begins

As part of the continued promotion of his poker training website Upswing Poker, Doug "WCGRider" Polk let his fans decide what kind of poker challenge they would like to see him attempt. Although at first he was wary of a "$100 to $10k" type challenge as similar challenges have been seen before (Chris Ferguson, Jason Somerville), this option was by far the most popular among the fans, so the challenge was set, and it began in earnest on Sunday evening.

Prior to the challenge, Doug had talked about potentially linking it up with some side-bets to complete the challenge in a month during his latest appearance on Joe Ingrams's podcast but ultimately he decided that the side-bet angle may bring with it more complications than he needed so it's a plain and simple $100 to $10,000 bankroll challenge with no set time limit.

This is not the first time WCGRider has set himself a big online challenge. Back in 2008 he set himself the ridiculous challenge of winning 400 buy-ins at $25NL in just a month. After making it to +130 buy-ins after three weeks of very, very long sessions he realised he wasn't going to make it so accepted defeat. He soon went on to change his game to HUNL from full-ring and steamrolled through the limits to make it to the very top of the HUNL pile, earning millions of dollars along the way.

What makes Doug's challenge so interesting is that he will be streaming his entire effort on Twitch so that subscribers can watch the journey. Starting off playing $1 sng's, mtt's and freerolls (and some 1c/2c cash) on Doug will look to slowly build his roll keeping within strict bankroll management guidelines to progress through the levels.

On the upswing poker website prior to the start of the challenge on Sunday Polk said ‘‘I know I’m going to be judged here by lots of people. If we lose $15 today people are going tell me I suck. But you know what? I believe in the way I play Poker and I believe we are going to put our best foot forward.' He then went on to lose $16.96 during his first session!

However, he had a better day yesterday, winning back over $14 to leave his bankroll currently sitting at $97.43 after finding what he says were "much softer games".

Check out Doug's pre-challenge training montage below

You can check out Doug's progress each night from Sunday-Thursday at 6.30pm PST at


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