$287k Week For Isildur1

Although he's been playing at stakes perhaps a little lower than we're used to seeing, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has still managed to win close to $300k during the first week of August with a series of seven five-figure wins.

Over the course of the week Isildur1 has topped the daily leaderboard three times with wins of $57.2k (Monday 1st), $87.7k (Friday 5th), and $35k (Sunday 7th), and been among the top seven players every day this month to end the week up $286,704.

It could have been a $400k week for Blom had he stopped at his highest point on Saturday when he was up over $130k in a heads-up $50/$100 PLO match against TILTMENOT before losing over $100k of that back before the end of the session.

Although he did profit at the PLO tables (over $31k in total) last week, it was at the 8-Game tables where Isildur1 won the vast majority of his haul, winning over $1/4m at stakes from $100/$200 up to $400/$800.

The biggest pot of the week came at the $100/$200 PLO tables in a match between fjutekk and Sirens:

fjutekk is well ahead all-in preflop with AhAdKsQs against his opponent's As10s8sQh and the lead never changes hands in this $62.9k pot

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To earn his $286k, Isildur1 put in close to 14.5k hands last week.

Other than Isildur1 there were no other six-figure winners last week, with St1ckman coming closest with a total weekly profit of $96,383 from 2,119 hands at the 8-Game, PLO and FLHE tables. SamRostan came in third on the weekly leaderboard with an $87.2k, with all of his profits coming from PokerStars mixed game tables.

Biggest Winners First Week August

Isildur1 +$286,704

St1ckman +$96,383

SamRostan +$87,175

fjutekk +$63,387

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