Delays Launch of Real Money Cash Games

As we reported back in April, The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma were green-lit to launch their online poker site after an arbitrator ruled that online gambling could take place if it is conducted where the computer server controlling the game is located.

Since then PokerTribe have launched free-play games outside the US, and the idea was to follow this three months later (August 1st) with real-money games. However, due to problems negotiating with non-US governments that date has now been moved back to October 15th.

According to press release  on PRNewswire, "The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma is rescheduling the launch date of its international real money play poker site as they continue to coordinate with foreign governments on the worldwide launch of" and that according to the Iowa Tribe's Chairman Bobby Walkup, “We have completed each phase thoroughly and precisely. The final phase is the most important for a successful launch with the real money play, which is why we are rescheduling our launch date,”

However, not everyone is convinced that PokerTribe's international real-money offering will ever see the light of day. According to industry news site,, "the perceived market for is imaginary.  All the would-be players outside the US already have access to the games the site plans to offer, via large international gambling sites.  In other words, all those non-US customers have no reason to patronize the site." and that ,"Worse, the antiquated graphical appearance of what was originally offered won’t convince any casual visitors, largely from Canada and Europe (which seem to be the target audiences), that this is a site that can build a big following and offer a decent selection of games."

The truth remains to be seen, and according to the Iowa Tribe, a real-money offering outside the US remains a priority.


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