Winning Poker Network Get Tough On Bots

After the startling revelations last week on the 2+2 forums by a poster calling themselves "themadbotter" about their successful botting exploits over at America's Cardroom this year, the leading US facing pokersite has promised to become the most bot unfriendly site on the internet.

"themadbotter" popped up to 2+2 last week to reveal that a bot they had programmed had successfully turned $30,000 profit at ACR (which operates on the Winning Poker Network or WPN) over the past 6 months and successfully withdrawn the cash and then decided to quit to do "something more meaningful", explaining that the bot exercise had been more about the challenge than the money. He also gave a lot of insight into what makes a successful bot, how much labour is involved, and how not to be spotted.

Some forum members were obviously up in arms, while others were intrigued to hear what themadbotter had to say and to learn a little more about botting and what to look out for.

themadbotter went so far as to say that Poker sites (with the exception of PokerStars) didn't actually worry too much about bots because, “They play a lot of volume, fill up the tables, and pay rake; they wait patiently for deposits/withdrawals; they never complain or pepper support with e-mails,”

It's probably this comment as much as anything which has propelled WPN's CEO Phil Nagy to declare out and out war on the bots infiltrating his network.

Nagy, appearing on Zachary “Thrash370” Koerper´s Twicth stream a couple of days ago vowed he would implement a solution in the coming days to make [the Winning Poker Network] the most bot-unfriendly place online

Nagy was tight-lipped about what the "major-detterent" he was working on to foil the bots, but did indicte that justice would be swift and merciless, saying:

“I will make mistakes, I will ban real money people, and I will ban real people because they seem like bots, and I will be merciless about it. To do this right, you gotta draw a line in the sand, if you end up being a casualty of war … collateral damage, I apologize, but this is what the people want,”

Rather than being intimidated by Nagy's threats, however, themadbotter, who went to ground after addressing the questions in the thread he created has now reappeared to spice up proceedings, saying:

“ACR CEO was on Twitch earlier and promised that at the end of the month, the site will become very bot-unfriendly; that botters will no longer be able to operate with complete impunity. Challenge..."

We await further developments with bated breath...



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