PokerStars "Duel" App Scrapped After Just 4 Months

When PokerStars launched their "Duel" mobile app back in February they had high hopes it would capture the imagination of the recreational player "on-the-go". However, just a few months into its beta stage the app has been scrapped due to lack of interest.

The idea was that players could compete over their mobile phones and play their hands as and when it was convenient rather than be restricted by a time-bank, with their opponent receieving a notification everytime a play had been made. Played for real money, the games were a 20 hands heads-up sit and go challenge.

PokerStars threw a decent sized marketing push at the app, hoping to replicate the success they had with 2014's "spin and go" format. However, it would appear that capturing the imagination of the mobile app user market is a much tougher proposition.

Despite high hopes it had become clear by last month that Duel simply wasn't working, and the decision was made to scrap it, with a PokerStars representative saying, “after reviewing usage data from the beta launch and determining that it was not commercially viable at scale.”

We can't imagine PokerStars will give up on the lucrative app market easily, however, but it would appear that to attract the casual, or recreational poker player to download any poker app, there needs to be something better for them at the end of it than "Duel".



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