"themadbotter" Brags About Successful Botting Upon Retirement

We all know poker bots exist but it's not often we get to hear about how they win, what to look out for, and what it takes to go undetected when botting, certainly not from a successful bot operator. But if 2+2 poster themadbotter is to believed, then head over to the thread he created recently talking about his bots escapades on America's Cardroom on the Winning Poker Network.

themadbotter took to 2+2 to go into great detail about his bots prowess and how it had won him $30,000 over the last 6 months. He claimed that he was coming forward now as he'd decided to "retire" his bot and do something more meaninful instead, and that as he had recently cashed-out the last of his ACR winnings, he had nothing to lose.

In what is a fascinating thread themadbotter claims that he doesn't feel in any way guilty for profiting by botting as he pretty much argues that essentially it was him playing all the hands, despite not being at the table. He programmed the bot accordingly to play in certain ways against certain players based on his own study of thousands of hand histories, reads, bet-sizing etc etc saying that "botting is easy, botting well is not". He claims to have been a profitable 6max reg who decided to create the bot more as an experiment to see if he could, rather than purely for the financial gain.

When asked why, after working on the bot for months, and getting it to a stage where he could rack up tens of thousands in profit, he decided to quit, themadbotter explained that it wasn't as simple as just "plug and play", and that he had to spend hours checking back how the bot played for any mistakes or obvious moves, studying more hand histories every night etc etc. He also said he has a lucrative new career starting in September so didn't feel like putting in the time or effort any longer.

The thread met with mixed reactions. Naturally there were plenty of outraged posters who roundly condemned themadbotter for cheating and then bragging about it. However, many more were excited to read more and to learn more about botting, not necessarily from a standpoint of wanting to do it, but just to learn how it works, how advanced botting is, and how they might better detect it. From his point of view, themadbotter wanted to brag about a job well done, and really didn't seem to think he had been cheating anymore than a reg who uses a lot of online software to help him beat opponents online.

In a bizarre twist to the story. A new poster "NovaCaine" emerged in the thread to say he thought he knew who themadbotter was and that he would be contacting WPN's security. After this themadbotter strangely backtracked and claimed to be a troll and that he'd made the whole thing up. Given the huge amount of detail he had gone into throughout the post it seems unlikely themadbotter was trolling, or that he even expected anyone to believe he was trolling (also, trolls don't tend to admit to trolling), so it was a curious move for sure.

Whatever the truth, the thread makes for a great read and offers valuable and incredinly interesting insight into the current state of botting in online poker.


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