888poker to Launch BLAST Poker Monday

888poker, the world's second largest online poker site is adding to their portfolio of games this coming Monday 25th July when they launch "BLAST", their twist on the popular "spin and go" format introduced by their main rival PokerStars a couple of years ago.

Like spin and go, BLAST is a short-handed super-turbo sit and go where the  prize pool is decided when the tournament begins and can be anywhere between twice the buy-in and 10,000 times the buy-in. There are, however, some pretty big differences between the spin and go format and what BLAST is proposing.

Firstly, BLAST tournies will have four players rather than three. Secondly, the starting stack will be 1,500 chips rather than 500, giving room for a little more play. The major difference though is that the match will be on a countdown timer, and if the game isn't over by that time then all players will be forced to go all-in every hand until there is a winner. The amount of time given for each game depends on the size of the prize pool; for example if the prize-pool is betwen 2 - 5 times the buy-in, the timer will countdown from six minutes, for 10 times the buy-in 8 minutes, for 100 times the buy-in 10 minutes, and for 1k times to 10k times the buy-in it will be 12 minutes.

While the countdown timer and the "forced all-in" element of the game should certainly attract the recreational players, it's not going to please the sit and go grinders who will see their edges sharply decline as a result of this "lottery" style way to end the games. Rec players have been, by and large, fiercly critical of the original spin and go format.

However, spin and go has done great trade for PokerStars, hence rival sites quickly creating their own v'ersions. This also happened shortly after Full Tilt launched the original fast-fold format "Rush" back in 2010 with PokerStars shortly after coming up with "zoom", and other sites launching the likes of "FastForward", "Blaze", "Fast Poker" and "Speed Poker".

BLAST will 'blast off' on Monday, so if you fancy your chances, there will be games available at $0.10, $1, $5, and $30, and you can play them all, as well receiving up to $88 in no-deposit bonuses, a great deposit bonus and up to 36% rakeback by signing up to 888poker via HSDB



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