Ray Bitar Banned From Running Business In Ireland for a Decade

It has recently come to light that former Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar has been banned from running any business in Ireland for ten years.

The ban in Ireland is due to Bitar's directorships at the time when Black Friday hit of the two companies behind Full Tilt, Pocket Kings Ltd. and Rekop Limited, both of which were based in Ireland.

Both companies were part of the USA's DOJ indictment of 2011 and as such Irish government body the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement became involved. They subsequently issued 1- year bans from running any businesses within the country for all executives involved in either company, including Bitar.

According to cardschat.com,  "Although the ruling was made back in the summer of 2015, the information has only recently come to light, courtesy of information published by The Times newspaper and latterly FlushDraw"

Despite the severity of the ban (usually bans in such cases max out at 5 years) we can't imagine this would concern Bitar too much as he is unlikely to be desperate to cross the Atlantic to start a business anytime soon.

In fact it would seem that Bitar got away pretty lightly on the whole after only getting a slap on the wrist from the US authorities and then seemingly recovering pretty well from reported "grave health issues".

Former Team Full Tilt member Allen Cuningham was quoted as saying Bitar was near to dying and penniless less than two years ago. However, pictures emerged last year of Bitar looking the picture of health (having lost seemingly a ton of weight) and as happy as can be after marrying his beautiful girlfriend Jackie Lewis in an apparent "million dollar wedding".

He may not have any business interests in the emerald isle anymore, but it would seem that Ray Bitar certainly has the luc of the Irish on his side...


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