PokerStars Update Forces Cash Game Players to Reveal Cards While All-In

It always seemed quite strage to us that ring game players at PokerStars were able to hide their hole-cards during an all-in situation. That's all come to a stop with Stars latest software update, however, as now they will be forced to show their cards just as they would in a live poker situation.

The ability for players to hide cards was purely in cash games as in PokerStars tournaments the cards were already flipped in an all-in situation but now both cash and tournament players have to reveal.

Of course this is nothing new as most sites do this as a matter of course, certainly PokerStars former rival, Full Tilt used to display players hole cards in all-in situation.

The move is likely to be another way for PokerStars to appeal to the recreational players, many of whom don't use third party tracking software which often automatically reveal the players hole cards to those who utilise it. As such, the move can be seen as something of a "field leveler" for recreational players or players who like to take notes in real time and don't use additional software.

Of course, ths hole card information in these situations was always available through the hand-histories tab, but being able to see the cards during play will be beneficial to some players for sure.


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