Isildur1 Back with a $51k Win

After a couple of little wins and an equally little loss over the past few days, the railbirds have been waiting to see if Viktor "Isildur1" Blom can make one of his familiar spin-ups at PokerStars to reignite the big online games now that the WSOP has wound down in Vegas. Well that hasn't quite happened yet, but fans will be encouraged that the Swedish battler did win over $51k yesterday from a lengthy $200/$400 8-Game session.

The $200/$400 mixed game started between SamRostan and spaise411 around 7.30pm last night, with bernard-bb joining an hour and a half later, with Isildur1 joining soon after that. The match ran for for 9.5hrs in total and included a host of other players along the way including Alex "BiatchPeople" Luneau, buck21, St1ckman, and BiggestFish.

Isildur1 didn't start off too well, losing around $11k in his first 2-3 hours. However, a sustained upswing after midnight made him the biggest winner from the session with a $51,702 profit.

The other decent winner from the session was St1ckman, who left the table from his 2hr 40mins of play with a $30,726 profit.

The biggest pot played out over the last 24 hrs took place at a $200/$400 NLHE 6max session played between the likes of OtB_RedBaron, Katya_18, fish2013, MMAsherdog, and candela2005;

OtB_RedBaron flops top set and leads out on the flop. After Katya_18 calls OtB slows down and traps his opponent by check-calling the turn and check calling Katya_18's Ace high all in bluff on the river to scoop this $89.1k pot

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Let's hope the good times keep rolling and the games continue to grow through the remainder of the summer.


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