spaise411 Tops Leaderboard After Mixed Game Win & Isildur1 Back

Isildur1 was spotted back at the highstakes tables yesterday, winning just over $6,000 at the FLO8 tables

The most consistent highstakes action yesterday at PokerStars took place at the $200/$400 8-Game tables, where mixed-game regular spaise411 came out on top, earning $34,678 from a single session.

The session, at table Edna II lasted for much of the day, with spaise111 spending 7.5 hours at the table from mid-afternoon until late evening, putting in 562 hands for a average profit of $61.70 per hand played.

Through the course of the day Edna II saw action from the likes of RaulGonzales, St1ckman, Ravenswood13, BiggestFish, Luke "lb6121" Schwartz, Cole "cts687" South, and Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies.

The biggest donator was Luke "lb6121" Schwatrz, who dropped $40.2k at the table from a little over 3.5 hours play - dropping $49.1k on the day. This comes a couple of days after Schwartz took down the Sunday Million for $130k which he followed up with a $9k cash game win on Monday.

Yesterday also saw the return, once again, of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom for the first day in a while. He only single tabled at the $75/$150 FLO8 tables playing heads-up against treeqy and he managed to win $6.1k from 338 hands played.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

spaise411 +$34.7k

Ravenswood13 +$25.2k

0Human0 +$19.9k

St1ckman +$19.5k

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