New Jersey and the UK to Merge Online Poker Liquidity?

According to Global Gaming Business the UK Gambling Commission and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) have made an agreement in principle to share online poker liquidity between the US state and the United Kingdom.

GE Director David Rebuck told reporters that, “we want to move it along as quickly as possible so iGaming in New Jersey will continue the impressive growth we’ve shown over the last 15 months.”

The DGE certainly seem serious as they have already written to online poker operators to ask for feedback on any potential liquidity sharing between the two jurisdictions.

With a population of 65 million and thousands upon thousands of online poker players, it’s easy to see why the DGE are smacking their lips at the opportunity to share player pools. However, apart from the obvious regulatory issues which would need to be resolved, the bigger problem would be quite how to merge the pools considering UK players already have access to global markets.

For example it would be beyond unlikely that the likes of PokerStars would opt to remove the UK from the international player pool in order for them to join forces with the relatively tiny number of player they have currently in New Jersey.

The obvious option would be to simply allow UK players to join Pokerstars.nj whilst also allowing them to keep their regular account, much as French operators have done. While this certainly won’t bring the tidal wave of players to NJ which the DGE would like, it would at least be a step in the right direction for the US who have, up to this point, not even considered the possibility of international player pools. We await developments with bated breath…


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