George Danzer wins WSOP Event #43 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

German Team PokerStars pro George Danzer just picked up his 4th career WSOP bracelet in event #43, $10k Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, defeating America's Randy Ohel heads-up for the title and the $338,646 prize money.

The day started with 12 players remaining, led by Justin Bonomo and including no fewer than 10 former WSOP champs in Eli Elezra, Scott Clements, Bonomo, Mike Leah, Jack Duong, Danzer, David Gray, Ohel, David Benyamine, and Todd Brunson.

Duong fell first after quickly losing three big pots, followed by Canadian Mike Leah in 11th after Danzer hit a 3h on his seventh card to give him a flush and the winning low to eliminate his opponent. Brunson took out Benyamine in 10th after making a wheel for the high and low against Benyamine three Jacks, while Roland Israelashvili is chopped up and spat out by Justin Bonomo (high pot) and Esther Taylor-Brady (low pot) in 9th.

Danzer took his second scalp of the day in David Gray, which propelled him to the top alongisde Todd Brunson with seven players left.

Brunson picked up the pace shortly afterwards, eliminating Scott Clements in 7th, but Danzer went clear soon after when he eliminated Eli Elezra in 6th.

As the blinds increased a few lost pots took Brunson from chip lead to being at risk, and he was the next to fall, losing his short stack to Danzer, with Esther Taylor-Brady going around 15 minutes later to Randy Ohel, who was starting to challenge Danzer for chips and in fact took the chip lead soon after, with Justin Bonomo still challenging in 3rd.

With the big blind now at 180,000 the lead changed hands a number of times with Danzer looking good for a while until losing big pots to Ohel and then Bonomo actually gave Bonomo the lead. Ohel then took the lead before Bonomo almost ended it for Danzer, scooping a big pot to leave the German with just 2 big blinds.

Remarkably, though, Danzer tripled up soon after on a two outer, followed by doubling up against Bonomo and then putting him out in 3rd place.

When heads-up play started, Ohel and Danzer were almost even, but with the high blinds it only took a couple of pots for Danzer to take a big lead and soon enough he was able to end the battle and take his 4th career WSOP bracelet, and his first of this series after coming close with a 3rd place finish in the straight $10k Seven Card Stud event earlier in the month.

Final Table Standings - Event #43 $10k Seven Card Stuf Hi-Lo

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