Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn Wins $154k after Big PLO Win

Although the big names have been out in force at the highstakes tables at PokerStars over the past few days, the games have been running at the lower end of the highstakes scale with very few notable scores. Yesterday, however, one of the biggest online winners, Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn racked up an impressive $154k profit after finding success at the PLO, FLO8, and 8-Game tables.

The majority of joiso's profits came from a brief series of $200/$400 PLO games which ran for less than half an hour early yesterday evening which seemed to run around the appearance of a little seen player "zivziv" who ended up losing $95.6k in just 34 hands. Kostritsyn was by far the biggest beneficiary here, winning  $90k in just 21 hands across four tables. He also won the day's biggest pot during this brief but profitable outing;

It's hard to say how lucky joiso got in this hand after he called a raise on the flop and makes a full house on the turn as zivziv's hand is mucked after he called joiso's big river bet - $74.8k pot

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The PLO tables aren't the only places joiso found success yesterday. He actually started the day with a nice mid-morning $32k win at the $300/$600 FLO8 tables playing against Ilari FIN, SamRostan, Crazy Elior, and spaise411. He also won c.$22k at the $200/$400 8-Game tables playing Viktor "Isildur1" Blom a little after his PLO victory, whilst also managing an $8.9k win at the $300/$600 2-7 TD tables playing against JesusLebtNOT, JasonMercier, Crazy Elior, and others.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

joiso +$154.9k

Crazy Elior +$28.7k

Scarface VLT +$18.4k

KissMyAcePlz +$18k

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