Do you think poker math is complicated and boring?

Do you think poker math is complicated and boring?

Then you are not doing it right.

At BPC we understand that not everybody likes math. Hell, we don’t even like it that much ourselves! We prefer to play poker (and make money), not punch numbers all day. 

But math is an important part of poker – like it or not, you have to know the basics if you don’t want to be dominated and pushed around at the tables.

Luckily, the basics are easy to learn, and we posted a few articles a while ago on the very fundamentals of math. You can read the Basic Poker Math: All you need to know about pot odds and equity articles here, part 1 and part 2

We also have some cool charts available for download for free from those articles, to make your life easier.

But the rabbit hole goes deeper than that, and if you want to see how to use math at the tables in simple and practical way, you will benefit from our new course, the No Bullshit Poker Math.

Get the course now, copy our simple procedures that allow you to learn all the math you will ever need at the poker tables,  and hit the tables! Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a math wizz to make money in this game, IF you know the important key concepts.

You are much better off investing your time into learning the key facts, print the pre-made charts and then do what all of us enjoy the most – play poker!

So do yourself a favor, save some time and get the ultimate poker math shortcut.

Get the course here >>


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