Cobus83 Beats Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn at PLO

There has been a steady if unspetacular stream of highstakes PLO and mixed-games running over the last few days. The most interesting confrontation from yesterday was a five hour heads-up PLO match between Cobus83 and joiso, which resulted in a $73.4k win for Cobus83.

The pair played at the $50/$100 stakes starting off playing two tables at a time, although this did eventually rise to four tables by the end of the session. Apart from the first half an hour of play in which time joiso won around $16k Cobus83 led the match the whole way.

The players switched tables after 1hr 50mins, by which time Cobus73 was $37.5k in front. By the time the pair switched tables for the second time, about an hour later, he had increased his lead to $70k.

This time they opted to four-table, and Cobus83 picked up where he'd left off at the previous tables with his overall profit peaking around twenty minutes into this final 90 minute session where he hit +$111k.

Over the next hour, however, joiso made something of a comeback, clawing back $65k to leave him less than $50k down - but Cobus83 won back a little during the final half an hour to end the session as the day's biggest winner at +$73.4k. This win puts Cobus83 up $509.4k for the year to date.

Second on the daily leaderboard with a $32.9k profit made from just 12 hands played at the $50/$100 PLO tables yesterday afternoon against Lefort was Dani "supernova9" Stern.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Cobus83 +$73.4k

supernova9 +$32.9k

Odd_Oddsen +$18.4k

donthnrmepls +$13.4k

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