Dan "jungleman12" Cates 5 Biggest Pots

Daniel "jungleman12/w00ki3z." Cates has been one of the biggest names in online poker for over six years, in which time he's won over $11million at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt and PokerStars. Although he's a now a regular battler in the big mixed games at PokerStars, he made his name firstly at the NLHE, then later at the PLO tables predominantly at Full Tilt, where he took on (and usually beat) allcomers. These are the tables at which he took down his five biggest ever online pots, which we recap below:

5. $281,754, 2nd May 2010 vs durrrr - $200/$400 NLHE

The first pot on our list is the only NLHE hand of the top five and came from an epic heads-up session against Tom "durrrr" Dwan from a huge +7k hand match spanning the evening of 1st May 2010 through to 2nd May. At one point in the match jungleman12 was down $500,000 but ended it up +$584 - a mammoth +$1m swing, especially considering the relatively modest $200/$400 stakes! Dwan had an all round bad day here, losing over $1m in total, which you can read about in our highstakes report from the day

In this pot we can't offer too much analysis as durrrr mucks on the river. Cates hits top straight on the turn and raises durrrr who obliges with a call. The board pairs on the river and after durrrr checks back jungleman shoves all-in. Again durrrr calls and the pot is shipped to jungle.

You can see the hand in full here

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4. $298,570, 30th December 2010 vs Patrik Antonius - $300/$600 PLO

The remainder of jungleman12's biggest pots all came at the $300/$600 PLO tables, and all against Finnish superstar Patrik Antonius. The first on our list dates back to the end of 2010 from a match at Full Tilt's $1k/$2k 8-Game tables during which jungleman12 won $382k in just over 1k hands.

In this PLO round jungle 4-bets preflop with AA58 and is called by Antonius with 2h3h4hJd. The 5hAs8h flop gives both players a huge incentive to build the pot as jungleman makes top set (as well as making 2 pairs 5's and 8's) and Antonius gets a wrap and flush draw. The turn gives Antonius a straight and he gets it all in. Jungleman is in bad shape when he calls, having only a 20% chance to win the pot. Miraculously, however, he makes a full house on both runs of the turn and river to scoop the entire pot.

See the hand in full here

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3. $300,980, 6th December 2010 vs Patrick Antonius - $300/$600 PLO

Three weeks prior to the previous battle, jungleman12 and Antonius were already playing plenty of deep $300/$600 PLO, with this match from the 6th December resulting in jungleman12's first ever +$300k pot:

In an unusually aggressive pot jungleman12 5-bets preflop with Jh Ad Kd Qd with Antonius calling with 10h Jd Qs Kc. With $65k in preflop both players end up all in with a pair of jacks and some straight draws after a 9d 3h Js flop. Both runs of the turn and river black and jungleman12 wins a huge pot with nothing better than top pair, top kicker!

See the pot in full here

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2. $326,387, 27th February 2011 vs Patrik Antonius - $300/$600 PLO

Jungleman's second biggest pot ever came during a huge winning session against Patrik Antonius at the $300/$600 PLO tables. In just 343 hands, jungle managed to take $608k from his opponent, with this pot being the biggest of the match. You can read about the day's action in more detail here

After a three-bet pot pre-flop, both players make two pairs on the flop; Antonius makes top and bottom pair, whilst jungle makes top two pair. All the money goes in on the flop and jungle's better two pair ride out to collect the pot.

See the pot in full here

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1. $375,945, 6th December 2010 vs Patrik Antonius - $300/$600 PLO

Taken from the same match as number 3 on the list comes jungleman12's biggest ever online pot. Coming from another +$300k win against Patrik Antonius. In the hand in question jungleman flops the nut straight against Antonius's three pairs. The turn gives Antonius the nut-flush draw and inevitably all the money goes in. The river blanks twice and jungleman12 takes 100% of the pot.

See the pot in full here

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