Lex Veldhuis Wins Tourney On Twitch - Says it has "rekindled" his passion for the game

PokerStars Pro Lex "RaSVi" Veldhuis is yet another big name player to ship an MTT whilst streaming their play on the increasingly popular twitch tv.

Whilst highstakes NLHE end boss Doug "WCGRider" Polk just took down a $700 event for a huge $163k, Veldhuis had to make do with a comparatively modest $2,685 from a a $16.50 buy in tourney which attracted 1,181 players. However, Veldhuis seemed just as happy with his win as, according to his latest blog post, the whole streaming experience has re-ignited his passion for the game and whetted his appetite for more success.

In the blog, Lex reveals that he's been an avid twitch fan for a long time and had wanted to stream for a long time, but had never really known how to approach it or what content to stream. In the end he just decided to go for it and realised that as with anything you start in life it's a process and you learn along the way saying, "You fix something every day, and you make it better step by step with the help of people watching. Every morning I try to implement some stuff people have been asking for and it's very gratifying to show improvements have been made."

Veldhuis also thanks twitch for getting him back into MTT's. After initially streaming PLO cash games he came to the conclusion that NL is more suited to streaming as any distraction from playing your optimum PLO cash game can cause you to suffer. So he responded to some of his viewers suggestion to twicth some MTT's, a format he admits he had grown to really dislike.

After streaming however, he has fallen back in love with the format saying, "It's like I was finally able to take a step back and appreciate the game for what it is. A big part of this comes from the enthusiasm viewers have. It's nice to see poker through the eyes of people who just started falling in love with it."

And winning a tourney straight out of the blocks has obviously helped him rediscover the joy of taking down a large field tournament, even if the prize money in this instance will have been largely irrelevant.

In Lex's words, "Streaming has rekindled my love for poker as PLO had done a few years ago. Regardless of the necessary variance that comes with winning a tournament, it still feels like I'm on the right track, and I can't wait to see where this is all going."

You can see Lex's blog post, titled "Lost: My Twitch Virginity" in full here



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