cumicon On Top Once Again vs supernova9 - Wins $112k

PLO specialist cumicon has now made six-figure profits from each of his last three heads-up matches against Dani "supernova9" Stern, leaving yesterday's morning encounter with a $112.3k profit.

The pair played for 3 and a quarter hours in the early hours of yesterday morning, once again at the $100/$200 stakes, playing two tables at a time.

It was supernova9 who made the first break-away, going up $60k during the first hour. It was all about cumicon from then on, however, as within just fifteen minutes from supernova9's high point, he was back on level terms, before continuing his upswing over the next two hours to walk away with his six-figure profit.

The biggest pot of the session actually went to supernova9 during his initial upswing:

supernova9 flops the second nut-flush draw and plays it cagily right up to the river when the Ad gives him the stone-cold nuts. He checks raises on the river and is called by cumicon who mucks his hand as supernova9 scoops this $81k pot

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There were no other six-figure winners yesterday, with second place on the daily leaderboard going to Dan "w00ki3z." Cates who earned $64.5k.

Most of Cates profit came from a single session of $50/$100 PLO where he played for 1.75 hours early yesterday morning against St1ckman, The Liar, ChaoRen160, n0d1ceb4by, and bujia4000.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

cumicon +$112.3k

w00ki3z. +$64.5k

wilhasha +$28.3k

niccc +$14.6k

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