Another Big PLO Win for cumicon - Up Over $300k in Two Days

After winning $186k from Dani "supernova9" Stern at $100/$200 PLO on Wednesday morning, cumicon was back at it yesterday morning, taking another six-figure chunk from his opponent's bankroll, winning $117.1k in 601 hands.

Once again it was an early hours meet between the two highstakes pros who played for four hours pre-breakfast time. Unlike in Wednesday's match, it didn't all go cumicon's way, and there were swings in both directions for most of the match. Stern took a $45k lead within the first half hour, which cumicon countered with a $100k upswing over the next half an hour, only for supernova9 to swing back $120k over the next couple of hours to reach his match high of +$65k.

It wasn't to be for supernova9 however, and cumicon staged a strong finish, hitting a $180k upswing during the hour or so to end the match up $117.1k - taking his two day profit at supernova9's expense to $303.5k. He also won the day's two biggest pots along the way - both of them being major coolers for Dani Stern.

Sickening cooler for supernova9 as he flops middle set against his opponent's bottom set. The turn gives cumicon quad threes, while supernova9 makes 9 full of 3's. supernova9 slow-plays his full house on the river, check-raising his opponent all-in, only to see this $80.3k pot shipped to cumicon

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supernova9 is looking good with A A 10 9 vs K K Q J when a pre-flop raising war puts $40k in the pot before the community cards. A King on the flop spells disaster for supernova9 and he ends up losing this $70.8k pot

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There were no other players who came close to a six-figure win yesterday. Second place on the daily leaderboard went to Engish NLHE specialist, Alex "Kanu7" Millar, who won $39.3k in some lunchtime $50/$100 ring games.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

cumicon +$117.1k

Kanu7 +$39.3k

Ben86 +$32.7k

fjutekk +$29.8k

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