cumincon Gets Revenge on supernova9 - Wins $186k at PLO

Over the last week or two there has been a continuing rivalry at the $100/$200 PLO tables between cumicon and Dani "supernova9" Stern. On Sunday, Stern enjoyed a big win of $191k over cumicon, but yesterday the tables were turned as cumicon ended another early morning session up $186.4k.

The pair played 725 hands together over 4.5 hours yesterday morning, and cumicon was ahead from the start, going up over $120k during the first hour of play. After an hour with little to separate the two, cumicon enjoyed another good hour, taking his profit up to over $220k for the day.

Stern staged a valliant comeback over the next 3/4 of another to reduce the deficit to just over $100k, but a final push from his opponent meant that cumicon ended the day up $186.4k.

The biggest pots of the day came from a single table session of $200/$400 PLO which ran for just under an hour early yesterday evening. Players included Ben "Ben86" Tollerene, omaha4rollz, TheFish77, Ravenswood13, and David "Deldar182" Eldar.

The biggest winner of the session was TheFish77 who ended the session up $71.6k (and the day up $78.8k to finish second overall on the daily leaderboard). He also took down the biggest pot of the day;

omaha4rollz 3-bets TheFish77 from the cut-off with AsAd6sQc vs 10h10d9h7s. It's a good flop for TheFish77 as he makes a set of tens after 10s 6d Jc roll off the deck. All the money goes in on the flop with TheFish a 3:1 favourite. A second spade on the turn gives omaha4rollz a flush draw to go with his inside straight draw. However, a blank river means the $95.4k pot goes to TheFish77

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The third biggest winner of the day also came from the $200/$400 match as Ravenswood13 won $68.4k from his 49 hand appearance at the table.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

cumicon +$186.4k

TheFish77 +$78.8k

Ravenswood13 +$68.4k

1-ronnyr3 +$37.4k

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