Five Biggest Online Poker Hands Played in Q1 2016 [Replays]

The opening quarter of 2016 hasn't been as fast and furious at the nosebleeds as perhaps it has been in previous recent years. However, there has still been some great action at all the disciplines. Obviously the biggest pots are going to come from the big bet games and usually they come from the PLO tables. However, four of our five biggest pots so far this year all came from a series of $200/$400 NLHE games which took place during the last week of January.

5. $195,231 - Trueteller vs Educa-p0ker, $200/$400 NLHE, 30th January

The first of four $200/$400 NLHE entries in the top five was won by Russian pro Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov whilst playing three handed against Spanish phenom Andres "Educa-p0ker" Artinano and Alex "Kanu7" Millar. This was a fairly standard pot with Trueteller coolering Educa-p0ker with KK vs QQ. After multiple raises pre-flop and a 9 high flop all the money inevitably went in. With no Q coming to the young Spaniard's rescue, the near $200k pot goes the way of the Russian. Trueteller went on to win $275k from the session which you can read about in full here


See the hand in full here


4. $195,616 - Educa-p0ker vs Trueteller, $200/$400 NLHE, 27th January

Three days prior to losing the above $195k pot to Trueteller, Educa-p0ker had actually won an almost identical sized pot against the same opponent in the same three player line-up. Both players flop top pair (Aces) although Educa's AK is way ahead of Trueteller's AQ. The Spaniard's lead becomes insurmountable on the turn as he makes top two pair but he still gets paid off on every street as he walks away with the $195.6k pot. Educa-p0ker ended the day with a huge $384k win which you can read about here


See the hand in full here


3. $200,639 - Ravenswood13 vs CHILAX CHUCK, $200/$400 PLO, 21st February

The only PLO pot in our line-up came from a lengthy six-max session on the 21st February. The biggest winner of the day was CHILAX CHUCK who ended the day up $150k. Despite being the bigges winner, however, he was on the wrong end of the biggest pot of the session (and indeed the month). CHILAX CHUCK takes a bit of a gamble with just top pair on a J high flop, Ravenswood13 also goes for broke with top pair but also has an ace high flush draw. Neither play improves through the turn or river but Ravenswood13 wins this $200.6k pot with a higher kicker


See the hand in full here

2. $212,815 - Educa-p0ker vs Trueteller, $200/$400 NLHE, 29th January

The second biggest pot of 2016 so far was only the second biggest pot of the session here as for the third time on our list Educa-p0ker ends up heads-up against Trueteller at PokerStars $200/$400 NLHE tables. After some big betting pre-flop the pot stands at nearly $40k. Trueteller puts out a small ($6k) bet with his Jacks on a K 4 10 rainbow board. Educa-p0ker slow plays his Aces and Kanu7 folds. Sensing weakness, Trueteller shoves all-in with just third pair when a Q falls on the turn. Educa-p0ker makes the call, however, as ends up taking the pot.

See the hand in full here

1. $236,399, Trueteller vs Educa-p0ker, $200/$400 NLHE, 29th January

Just 45 minutes prior to the pot above, Trueteller had already won an even bigger pot, in fact the biggest pot played out at PokerStars so far this year. Trueteller makes a c-bet after raising pre-flop with nothing but a gutshot straight draw. Educa-p0ker is in better shape with a high open-ended straight draw so makes the call. The turn brings a flushdraw for Trueteller and he bets out once more & once again his Spanish opponent makes the call. The river is a cruel one for Educa-p0ker who makes the high straight as a 9 falls. However, the  9 is also a diamond which gives Trueteller his flush. The Russian shoves all-in and Educa-p0ker makes the call only to see the $236k pot shipped to his opponent.

See the hand in full here

In HighstakesDB's poker players section you'll find more replays of big hands such as the ones above, and also a list of the biggest hands ever played as well as the biggest overall winners in online cash games.



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