Dani "supernova9" Stern Up $191k at PLO since Yesterday

Online highstakes veteran Dani "supernova9" Stern has done well over the past couple of days at PokerStars $100/$200 PLO tables, winning over $191k from a series of early morning heads-up matches against fellow PLO specialist cumicon.

The pair played for five hours yesterday morning. Over the first coulpe of hours of play Stern worked up an $80k lead, only for cumicon to come on strong over the next hour to redress the balance. During the final hour of the match, however, Stern pulled away again to end the match, and the day, up $78.3k. This made up for the $72k he lost to cumicon the previous morning.

The two rivals were back at it again this morning and played for another 4.5 hours. Once again Sten started of strong, and within 90 minutes he was up over $140k for the day. Once again, however, cumicon fought back well, taking over $100k back off supernova9. Once again though, it was to be Stern's day as he added around $80k to his coffers during the final hour of play to end the morning's session up $112.8k, putting his two day total up to +$191.2k

The biggest pot of the day so far took place during cumicon's upswing around midway through the session:

cumicon continues after the flop looking to complete his flush draw but instead make a set of 7's on the turn and is able to extract value on the river - $81k pot

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There have no other six-figure winners over the past couple of days. Second on yesterdays daily leaderboard was Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion, who won $51.1k at the mixed game tables playing from $100/$200 up to $400/$800 stakes against the likes of spaise411, RaulGonzales, joiso, and Trueteller.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

supernova9 +$78.4k

Crazy Elior +$51.1k

uwinho312 +$22.7k

Nikiton123 +$18.1k

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