NL200 6-max: from 1.5bb/100 to 7bb/100

Atvars made 60k EUR at the tables in about 5 months.

How did he do it?

By joining the coaching program of (you can find out more about it here)

Averaging around 2-3k, best month being USD 5k.


Simple math tells us that his AVERAGE was higher than 10k Euro. This is insane considering it was during the learning period.

We DO make Champions!

The truth is we could have even been faster, but we decided that in September we would rather focus on some detailed quality work instead of him grinding himself to death.

How did everything get started?

In March 2015 I get an email from Skrill that somebody has sent me 2500 Euro for 5+1 hours of coaching. I tell my assistant that I don’t have time for this and that we should refund the guy. Even told him that directly.

So I email “that guy”, we talk, but he definitely seemed committed and wanted coaching at any price. I only later found out the real reason (watching his review video on youtube).




Now many people in the past gave me the “I’ll do anything” speech, but then often it’s an empty promise. So I was skeptical.

I was super busy at that time, but my promise to myself was always to help those who were willing to kill for success. It’s because of my own trauma. I wished there was somebody like that for me when I started playing poker – but there wasn’t.

That’s the emotional part, but there is also always the business part. Today we can accept anybody into our CFP system, but back then it wasn’t possible. So I needed to test his commitment and asked him to make a HUGE security deposit (a LOT bigger than the normal we ask for), which would be non-refundable. 

Some people on 2p2 or pokerstrategy who like think of themselves as “smart and critical” would have never accepted this. And that’s why Atvars is today where he is and they are where they are (living their boring lives of mediocracy).
Neither Atvars nor myself are religious, but we both had FAITH (he probably wouldn’t use that word), because the odds are never in your favor when you achieve greater than usual things.
Skeptics always assume they are wrong. Winners know that they could be wrong, but they do it anyways. Because if you aim for Mars and fall, you’re still among STARS.
What are his biggest strengths:
Focus. Others in the group also said that he would not be distracted by skype or other noise
Preparation for coachings. Like Rylan and others, he was always perfectly prepared. I can almost always judge by the level of preparation how good a student will be
He gave me the benefit of the doubt (see youtube review). Many students need to “understand” why they do something. Yes, it’s always great if you understand things, but very often the big problem is that if you really understood WHY i tell you to do something, you would not need it in the first place. I call this the coaching dilemma
Work ethic.He put in the hours. Listen, no matter how smart you are, for extraordinary success you need to put in the hours
He never complained about anything. The only thing he was worried was to finish the program too fast and then not get any coaching anymore. LOL, we solved this. All people who finish CFP have access to me in case they need help anyways, but I did not want him to finish later for the wrong reasons. But yes, FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!! 
He is definitely obsessed with becoming better at this game
He was already a winning player at NL100. We should not hide this fact. Sometimes this is an obstacle because some people at this limit believe they know it all. In his case it was helpful because our discussion started on a higher level. I had to “unlearn” him a few things, but not nearly as much as others

Funny Fact:

Atvars actually NEVER won the monthly profit leaderboard. There was always somebody else who binked a bigger month at the right time. Whether it was Iron who beat him by 50Euro or $teezy, M1ndctrl, Nubson or in September “Somebody”.

On his last month after 6 days he was already up over 6k, but since he was “out” of CFP already, he didn't have a shot at that one either. ;)

Find out more about our RISK-FREE Coaching here.



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