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Back in 2008 Peter Eastgate had the poker world in his hands after winning the coveted WSOP Main Event, and with it $9.1m in prize money. But just two years later he more or less quit poker and has only been seen sporadically at events over the past six years. At the recent WSOP Circuit event in Georgia, caught up with one of the most unassuming Main Event Winners in recent history.

In the course of the interview Eastgate confirms that despite losing "a lot" of money sports betting, that he has generally been frugal with his winnings and in his own words, "I have money for the next 70 or 80 years"

Eastgate said he retired from poker in 2010 when he took a total hiatus for 8 months. Since then he's only appeared occasionally at live events when the mood takes him.

Talking about his decision to let poker take a back seat in his life Eastgate says, "Around 2010 I realized that I had accomplished everything I wanted. I reached a pinnacle. I grew tired of how my mood depended so much on how I fared at the tables. The wisest thing would probably have been to keep playing without risking my own money. I was an addict, a degenerate gambler, but at some point I just got fed up."

Eastgate also reveals that in 2013 he moved back from London to Denmark to study bio-medicine, but after a year of study and four failed exams he decided that it wasn't to be, since when he's basically been drifting around, not really doing anything, living a very non jet-set life which he admits that to an outsider would look boring.

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