Do you also want to make $10k, $20k or $30k per month playing poker?

Then stop reading poker books and forums, and watching random poker videos from all the different training sites out there.

You have to focus only on what really works at the tables.

Meet the most professional team in online poker: BestPokerCoaching.com (or, as we are known in the poker community - BPC).

We create champions. In a minute, I will tell you about a few case studies. Trust me, we have LOTS of them.

But before I show you all that, let’s get one thing straight: The poker world of 2016 is tough.

It is getting harder and harder to make a lot of money at the tables these days.

The days of the mega-fish donating money to everybody with an internet connection and two brain cells are long gone.

Many people like to tell the stories from the “good old Party Poker days”, when everybody was “printing money” at the tables.

Well, those “good old days” are gone. We all know that’s not the case anymore.

Amateur players, or “fish”, got smarter, they got better.

It’s very easy for them to find basic poker advice online and stop spewing money like they used to.

And on top of that, the tables these days are full of regs, grinding away god-knows how many tables and mostly trying to somehow get by on rakeback.

If that wasn’t enough, the poker rooms themselves are squeezing the players more than ever.

Even sites like Pokerstars, who had the best deals for regs with their Supernova and Supernova Elite rewards, have stopped doing that.

So, ask yourself – is it easy for poker players to make money under these conditions?

No, it’s not.

Do you make a lot of money playing poker?

You probably don’t.

And there are good reasons for it.

I mean, maybe you make a few hundred bucks here and there – but let me ask you this…

Do you want to grind hours and hours, day after day, month after month, for a few bucks at the end of it all? Really?

I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds no different than a regular 9-5 job at McDonalds…

Forget it. That’s not what poker is about.

At least not to us.

And also not to our students. Not anymore… Not since they joined us.

You see, we have put a lot of money, and a lot of trial and error into developing a coaching SYSTEM which saves time and money for our students.

And the result of it is our famous Coaching for Profits program.

The system we have is so effective, that we produce the best results of any poker coaches out there.

I will tell you more about our program, and how you can join our team...

But let’s first look at the results our students are getting with our system, just so you have a better idea of what I am talking about.

I promised you graphs and success stories at the beginning, and I don’t want to keep you waiting forever, so… Here we go.

Meet HansTheGreat.

Hans was a 24 year old IT student when he joined our coaching program.

He liked poker, and like many guys out there, he tried many “advanced” methods and all the other stuff that you can find on the internet.

You know what I mean.

Forums, training sites with videos, books… You have probably tried many of them yourself.

And, if you are like Hans and 99% of the other poker players out there, they also didn’t work for you.

They might teach you how to avoid losing money, but that’s not what Hans wanted. He wanted to win.

So he got fed up with all this, and joined what he considered to be clearly the best coaching team out there. Yup, he meant us.

When he joined, he had a bankroll of $50.

He started playing 6-max on NL2, the lowest of the microstakes.

9 months later he was finished with our $100k coaching program.

Let me say that again.

With BPC, Hans turned $50 into $100 000 in 9 months!

And Hans didn’t stop there, by the way. Today, he is on the hunt for $250 000.

If that got your interest, you can read all about his ups and downs on his blog on our forums.


Meanwhile, I want to introduce you to another one of our students - ImaChampion.

Champ was broke when he joined our Heads Up Coaching program.

9 months later, he also finished the $100k program. Looks like there is something magical about the 9 months point at BPC…

He finished the program with two back-to-back $30k months. His record month during our coaching program was $35 000.

Next up – meet Rovar.

Rovar was a border patrol cop when he joined our coaching program.

He had a full time job, and a family with three young kids.


He was struggling to make ends meet, making around 1k monthly in his job.

One day he had enough.

He decided to give BPC a try, and the rest is history.

Fast forward to 18 months later…

Rovar had quit his job, completed the $100k program, was now a poker coach and had just made his record month of $18 000.

Impressed so far?

We’re just warming up.


There are many more stories like this in the BPC community, and you can read about many more on our site here:


When your coaching team includes a WSOP winner…

The best SNG player in the world, bencb789…

You get results.

And people notice and RESPECT these kinds of results.


So the BPC community is turning heads, and for good reason.

Today, we have 12 258 registered members of the community.


 We like to get together in real life, in cool places like Prague, Dubrovnik, Malta…

We even started organising multi-day poker seminars to help our players achieve their goals and dreams

We are not just poker players. We are poker professionals.

If you would like to find out more about us, and our uniques coaching system, click on the button below and visit our site for more detailed information on how you can join our team, and start writing your success story with us today!


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