Dan Bilzerian on Cycling Prop-Bet "This is Hell"

Looks like Dan Bilzerian is not enjoying the build-up to his 321 miles $1.2m cycling prop-bet with poker player and multi-millionaire hedge-fund manager Bill Perkins after tweeting "This is hell" alongside a picture of the burly, bearded, playboy huffing and puffing during training.

Not the slightest of fellows, it was always going to be a grind for beefcake Bilzerian to carry his bulked up body several hundred miles in the hazy heat from LA to Las Vegas, but it seems the King of Instagram is determined not to lose the $1.2m bet and is pushing himself through the pain barrier.

In earlier tweets, Bilzerian seems to lament his decision, firstly saying he thinks a previous bet offered by perkins to drink with him in Ibiza for $500k (which he turned down) would have been easier;

And then in another tweet he reminds himself how life was pre-bicycle bet with his playboy life of sun, sea, and scantily clad sirens;


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