[CASE STUDY] How do you turn $50 into 100k playing online poker?

Did you hear about the guy who turned $50 into $100k in 9 months at BPC?

His name is HansTheGreat.

Well, not really. That's his nickname.

His real name is Sasa, and he comes from Croatia - a small country with a beautiful Mediterranean coastline. In fact, so beautiful, that we at BPC decided to have a poker seminar there last summer. 

More about that some other time, let's get back to how Hans turned $50 into $100k in 9 months over at BPC.

It all started a couple of years ago. 

Hans has had small success, but was a micro-stakes player with no real net-worth. He would win some, then go semi-broke. He was an early member in the BPC community.

Then he joined our Coaching for Profits program for NL 6-max.

He started on NL2 with $50.

9 months later, he had $100k in winnings to his name.

Some might say that's impossible, or that we're making shit up. It's okay, that's a normal reaction.

You don't know, what you don't know. And clearly you don't know about BPC, if you still have doubts like this.

Luckily, Hans documented everything from Day 1 on his blog, where you can read about his epic rise and his current project he is on...

If you don't have time to browse through 2 years of ups and downs in his blog posts, you can check out the article we wrote about it over at our BPC blog, to get an idea.

So, once you accept these things happen (in fact they happen ALL THE TIME over at BPC), you might be forgiven if your next thought is...

Where can I get some of that for me??!

There are a couple of possible answers to this question.



The first and the sure-shot way to getting there is - join our Coaching for Profits program, like he did. Just follow his steps. What one man can do, another can do as well.

He is not superhuman. He was willing to work hard, and had a complete system developed at BPC. A winning combination. Now, the complete poker system we have - the willingness to work at it you have to bring yourself. 

If that sounds like something you could see yourself doing, here's more information on the coaching program:

Did we mention it's FREE, unless you actually WIN?

I guess I forgot... You see, at BPC we take this for granted - why should you pay for coaching, if it doesn't help you MAKE MONEY at the tables, right? Are you with me?

If yes - you're our guy. Check out further info on our programs, and try to get in while you can.



You might be pleased to find out, that the system that Hans used to climb out of the micros and make $100k, is actually available for purchase as well.

You can get the book he studied as well as the videos of Hans himself playing, having coaching sessions, and trying to implement the lessons in the book in practice. All with Gordon's expert commentary.

  • In the book you will get standard charts for 99% of scenarios preflop
  • You will get standard lines for different hand strength postflop
  • We will cover both single raised and 3bet pots
  • FAQs that will explain why we advise a certain strategy
  • You get a complete "ready to use" system

If you're more of a "watcher" than a "reader", and/or you'd like not just the complete system in theory, but also watch over Hans' shoulder as he applies in in practice, you can grab the the book together with the accompanying 12 videos (about 6 hours of content) in our shop:

Janez BPC

Director of Operations



What is BestPokerCoaching.com (BPC)?

BPC is the best place for you to learn how to make (BIG) money playing poker

BPC will push you to new limits and help you to become the best version of yourself.

BPC is the place where dreams and “to good to be true stories” are created every day.


We don't coach for an hourly fee. We tie our payment to your winnings. Yes, you read that right. YOU ONLY PAY IF YOU WIN. In other words, we coach for a share of your profits you win inside our program.


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