Dan Bilzerian & Bill Perkins Make $1.2m Cycle Ride Prop Bet

We hope to see Dan Bilzerian struggling over rough terrain in the scorching Vegas sunshine soon

The King of Instagram and high stakes poker player Dan Bilzerian has made a $1.2m bet with Hedge Fund manager, poker player and king of prop-bets, Bill Perkins that he can cycle the 320 miles from his house in LA to beyond the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign in just 48 hours.

The bet was announced by Perkins on twitter yesterday morning when he said:

Bilzerian is no stranger to taking a gamble, being a regular player in some of the highest stakes private poker games in which he has boasted of winning 8 figure sums. He also recently bragged about spending $100,000 on powerball lottery tickets in last months huge $1.5bn draw - he posted pictures of the cash and then a holdall full of tickets on twitter.

The pair have each stumped up $600,000 at even money, with Perkins looking to collect if Bilzerian can't make the 320 mile trip. Bilzerian has admitted he hasn't been on a bicyle in 18 years so it's a daunting task, especially as he thought the trip was only 278 miles - it turns out he was looking at the quickets route by foot, Perkins was quick to point out that by bike its an additional 42 miles!

Perkins is famed for his huge prop bets. His recent bet with Antonio Esfandiari involved Esfandiari having to "lunge" everywhere for 48 hours to collect $50k - although he won the bet, it didn't exactly end well for Esfandiari who was in such pain from lunging that he chose to "relieve" himself under a table during a poker tournament and was duly disqualified. He then donated the $50k to charity after getting a blasting on social media for his behaviour!

It looks like Perkins was simply following Bilzerian's lead for this bet, however, as the day before Perkins announced his bet with Bilzerian, Sam Abernathy tweeted that Danny B had bet her $10,000 that she couldn't cycle from Vegas to LA in 72 hours. Looks like Perkins just reduced the time limit and seriously hiked the stakes!

We look forward to hearing how Bilzerian gets on. Don't worry about the 18 years Dan, we're sure you'll pick it up, you don't forget how to do it, it's just like riding a bike!


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