Aaron "aejones" Jones Talks Poker and Fantasy Sports on Poker Life Podcast

As we recently reported, former highstakes crusher Aaron "aejones" Jones widened his gamblling fame last week after he won $5m after taking down the DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship.

Jones, who is also known in the wider poker community as the former owner of the Leggo Poker training site (which he subsequently sold to Phil Ivey's 'Ivey League' a couple of years ago), recently appeared on Joe Ingram's Poker Life Podcast to reveal more about his Fantasy Sports success and to give his thoughts on sports, poker, and his career change.

It was certainly one of the more "x-rated" of Ingram's podcasts as two of the most prolific cursers in poker got together for a three hour "conversation", although you got the feeling that Jones could have easily talked for another three hours before any sign of vocal fatigue set it.

During the podcast, Jones revealed that he had 40% of himself in the FFWC finals, and that due to the variance involved in fantasy sports that it would be crazy to take all your own action all the time. He also said that certain "cliques" emerge just as they do in poker, with certain people taking pieces within a group.

When talking about Leggo poker, and his association with Ivey League, Jones revealed that he stopped working with them after the appointment of a certain CEO (Ivey League has had many CEO's during it's relatively short tenure) as he felt he couldn't work with such a person (no names are named but one can speculate who this might or might not be), and that he felt Ivey League could have been a great success, but lost its way somewhere along the line.

One particularly amusing anecdote emerged in which Jones ended up knocking out Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin during a boxing match. Apparently Griffin had put up the challenge which Jones eventually decided to take up simply because he was a lot taller and heavier - figuring he could muscle it out. After being peppered with shots by the smaller, but more athletic Griffin, Jones finally decided to throw a few punches and knocked theASHMAN clean out.

One thing is for sure is that Aaron Jones is certainly not short of opinions so it makes for a pretty interesting podcast. Check it out in full below:


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