Ike "Hollywood" Haxton In Record Breaking 3hr 23m Poker Life Podcast

After promising for an eternity to get him on his show, Joe "ChicagoJoey" Ingram finally tracked down nosebleeds poker end-boss Ike "Hollywood" Haxton at the PCA in the Bahamas and delivered  what turned into Joe's longest podcast yet, weighing in at a hefty 3hrs 23mins.

The podcast took place in a hotel room with both Joey and Ike on the same sofa (rather than across from each other at their respective computer screens) and was a highly entertaining affair albeit somewhat hampered by the occasional outage and frequent camera malfunction!

Over the course of the podcast, the pair downed a considerable amount of whiskey, with Joe sporting his famed "Hollywood Haxton" glasses throughout.

Expected topics of conversation (as with the recent, and also excellent podcast with Alex "Kanu7" Millar) included Ike's reecent resignation from PokerStars Team Online. As with Kanu (which Joe still cannot ever pronounce correctly), Ike's ultimate reasoning behind his departure was the refusal for Amaya to honour the Supernova and Supernova Elite rewards for players who qualified in 2015 for 2016.

The Brian Hastings/NoelHayes multi-account also came up, with Ike saying that in retrospect he maybe should have said something to PokerStars when he found out but at the time he made the decision not to as Hastings had been telling everyone, that he knew it had already been reported, and that he didn't want to turn someone in for what he didn't perceive as anything other than a bad judgement call. He said he certainly didn't think Hastings was trying to scam anybody, but more wanted to play on PokerStars from the states, and chose a really bad way to go about it.

When talking poker, Ike was quizzed on his transistion to being a PLO player over the past two years and his rapid ascent to becoming one of the elite PLO players in the world. During the chat, Haxton revealed that he thought his toughest heads-up PLO opponent has been fan favourite Viktor "Isildur1" Blom.

The podcast was going to wrap at around the three hour mark, but realising they were closing in on the 3hr 16mins "record" set by Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky the pair continued to the 3hr 23 mark to log Joe's longest Poker Life Podcast to date.

If you want to hear more on the aforementioned topics as well as the secret behind Haxton's PLO "Dream machine" and how Phil Ivey just loves to "f**k with people 100% of the time" then check out the podcast below:


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