Five Biggest Pots of 2015 So Far

With just one more month to go in 2015, and with a brief lull in the highstakes action over at PokerStars, let's take a look back over the five biggest pots online this year. All but one take place at PokerStars $200/$400 PLO tables with three going to Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and two going to Phil "RaiseOnce" Ivey.

1. $365,896 - Isildur1 vs WithColor, 25th August 2015, $200/$400 PLO, PokerStars

The biggest pot of the year so far (and Isildur1's biggest ever pot at PokerStars) took place on Tuesday 25th August, the day when he smashed "WithColor" for $1.1m in a huge $200/$400 with antes match. It was a pretty sick cooler for the American who flopped middle set (7's) against Isildur1's top set (8's) - this was even more unfortunate than it sounds as WithColor also held the one remaining 8. All the money went in on the flop and Isildur1 inevitably took down the $365.9k pot

See the hand in full here


2. $346,433 - JayP-AA vs Isildur1, 13th September, $200/$400 PLO, PokerStars

During a huge +$873k day for PLO specialist JayP-AA he managed to win his biggest ever pot, and the second biggest pot of 2015 so far. Isildur1 flops two pair against JayP-AA's overpair (Aces) and is ahead all the way to the river where both players miss their flush draw. The board pairs, negating Isildur1's flopped two pair. Isildur1 goes for broke, raising JayP-AA's river bet all in for an extra $120k putting his opponent in a tricky spot. However, JayP-AA makes a great call to take the pot.

See the hand in full here


3. $298,606 - RaiseOnce vs Ben86, 10th October, $200/$400 PLO, PokerStars

On a day when Phil "RaiseOnce" Ivey won $400k at the PLO tables he entered into a big pot preflop against Ben "Ben86" Tollerene during a six-max $200/$400 game. Both players flop big flush draws and all the money goes in thereafter (Ben's A high to Ivey's K high), but Ivey has the overpair (Kings). The flush fails to materialise and Ivey's Kings play and hand him his biggest pot of the year.

See the hand in full here


4. $296,092 - RaiseOnce vs Otb_RedBaron, 31st May, $200/$400 NLHE, PokerStars

The only non-PLO pot of the list, it is once again Phil "RaiseOnce" Ivey who takes it down. It's a cooler for his opponent OtB_RedBaron who flopped top set (queens), only for his opponent to hit an unlikely straight draw on the turn. Ivey shoves the river for value and gets the inevitable call.

See the hand in full here

5. $274,858 - Isildur1 vs WithColor, 24th August, $200/$400 PLO, PokerStars

Another $200/$400 PLO hand between Isildur1 and WithColor makes the list, this time from one of their ealier PokerStars games in late August during Isildur1's big upswing. After flopping top set and turning top full house, Isildur1 finds himself raised on the turn. The Swedish pro uses this agression from WithColor to make his hand look weaker than it is by checking back the river (although as he also had a full house, WithColor was highly likely to call any bet made by Isildur1). It's an easy call as WithColor jams the river and he snap calls to take down this big pot.

See the hand in full here


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