Cumicon Wins $340k From Isildur1 in Another Big Swingy PLO Match

Once again cumicon and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom faced off at the $200/$400 (deep with antes) PLO tables last night in a hugely entertaining, back and forth no-holds barred encounter which resulted (after 9 hours of multi-tabliing) in a $339.7k win for cumicon.

For the first half of the match, it was Isildur1 mainly on the back foot, as cumicon took a six-figure lead on four or five occasions, only to get pegged back by his Swedish opponent, who took a $100k lead of his own at one point, but the general trend was Isildur1 playing catch-up, and around halfway through their 2.8k hand encounter, cumicon had established a significant, $300k lead.

However, shortly after the half-way mark, Isildur1 hit a rich vein of form and fortune, going on a dramatic.$600k upswing over the next 600 hands to take a $300k lead of his own. Along the way he took down the biggest pot of the match:

A huge cooler for cumicon who flops second set to Isildur1's bottom set. It's looking like a big pot for cumicon until Isildur1 hits quads on the river and takes down this $256.6k pot

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Kudos to cumicon, though, as he played through the onslaught and amazingly managed to turn things around and go on an even bigger upswing than his opponent, winning over $600k during the final couple of hours of the match to end as a $339.7k winner. During his comeback, cumicon took down the day's second biggest pot:

Isildur1 chooses the wrong time to bluff as his opponent had just rivered a full house - $233.2k pot

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In total, the pair shared 35 six-figure pots during last nights wild encounter, with nine of them breaching $200k.

There were no other six-figure winners yesterday, with Phil "RaiseOnce" Ivey in second spot on the daily leaderboard after winning at the 8-Game tables

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

cumicon +$339.7k

RaiseOnce +$63.3k

shaundeeb +$62.8k

joiso +$56.6k

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