Two Months, Four Million

Two months ago to the day we posted the first in what has turned out to be many big-win reports for Viktor "Isildur1" Blom as he started what has turned out to be one of his most sustained upswings since his first appearance at Full Tilt back in 2009. In the last two months we've seen million dollar days, huge swings, big pots, and more high stakes action than we've seen for years - with the net result being a $4.1m upswing for the railbird's favourite player.

Let's take a quick look back at some of the highlights of Blom's latest remarkable run at the nosebleeds:

The first week...

Isildur1's upswing began on Friday 21st August, and over the weekend he won over $900k, starting with a $200k 8-Game win, and followed up by numerous wins at the $200/$400 PLO tables against the likes of Lrslzk, Ravenswood13, and WithColor. To read more about this weekend's action check out our report here

Things picked up even more after the weekend, and after a $321k win on Monday at the 2-7 TD, FLO8, and PLO tables, Isildur1 won a cool $1.1m on Tuesday, courtesy of a huge $200/$400 multi-table match against Sean "WithColor" Rafael. Another table-topping win of $232k came on Wednesday from a heads-up FLO8 match against Ravenswood13, and ia $45k win on Thursday meant that in just one week Isildur1 had won a huge $2.7m. During his $1m demolition of WIthColor, Isildur1 also took down what has so far proven to be the biggest pot of the year:

Massive cooler for WithColor as his flopped middle set is crushed by Isildur1's flopped top set. For good measure, Isildur1 makes a flush in the first of the two runs of the turn and river, taking the entire $365.8k pot

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First Dip, Second Upswing

In the past we've been used to seeing Isildur1 climb to the peak before freefalling back to earth with a bump, so it came as no real surprise when just three days after his $1m win over WithColor, the US pro hit back with a +$700k session against Isildur1. However, it took just 24hrs for Isildur1 to get his act together with a $600k day, with $545k of it coming from the bankroll of WithColor back at the $200/$400 tables.

After winning back most of his losses from his big losing session, Isildur1 then went on a tear at the 6max PLO tables, as well as playing in some hugely entertaining heads-up matches at the $200/$400 tables against Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky. Between 31st August and 4th September, Isildur1 added ANOTHER $1m to his bankroll, where he reached a peak of $3.44m profit in just two weeks.

$1.5m downswing

Halfway through the first week of September, the Isildur1 freight-train hit the skids and during the second half of the week, he managed to sacrifice the $1m he'd built up during the previous few days. Big heads-up losses against Ike Haxton at PLO, RaiseOnce at 8-Game, and 2-7 Triple Draw against Zugwat sent Isildur1's profits down by a cool million. Read more about this action-packed week here

Blom's downswing continued into the second week of September as he lost another $500k after letting big wins slip several days in a row, meaning that from a peak of +$3.44m, he was now up $1.9m.

Another $1m upswing

Once again, Isildur1 was able to recover pretty swiftly from his downswing, winning close to $1m in the during the thrid week of September, mostly at the PLO tables. A $449k win on Tuesday 15th was followed by a $150k win on the 16th, with wins of $225k and $109k coming on the 17th and 29th.

Final Dip & Upswing

The next 9 days saw Isildur1 slowly leak some profit back, and he dropped $500k bit by it. But once again, he was able to turn things around, and despite there being the occasional multi-six-figure blip along the way, since 29th September, Isildur1 has added another $1.8m to his bankroll, including big daily wins of $560k, and, on Wedneday 14th, a huge PLO win of over $800k took Isildur1 to a new "upswing high" of over $3.5m.

Things have continued on the up and up for Isildur1 after this huge win he has topped the daily leaderboard a further 5 times, adding another $600k to his bankroll.

How has Viktor fared in the different games during this spin-up?

In total, from 21st August - 21st October, Isildur1's profit is $4,148,375, with over $3.5m coming from Pot Limit Omaha, $360k from 2-7 Triple Draw, $202k from Fixed Limit Omaha 8/B, $81k coming from No Limit Hold'em, and $45k coming from Fixed Limit Hold'em.


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