Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom approaching $4m in winnings for 2015

In yesterday's high stakes article, we reported that Viktor "Isildur1" Blom had staged something of a comeback after heavy losses on Tuesday and Wednesday, and was up over $500k yesterday morning, nearly all from the $200/$400 PLO tables. Well, he didn't stop there, and after more success at PLO last night, Isildur1 ended the day up a staggering $830k.

As previously reported, Isildur1 ran up some huge stacks in the early hours sessions playing against Ben86, WRUUUUM, 1-ronnyr3, RaiseOnce, and Ilari FIN, as well as making progress at the 8-Game and FLO8 tables, putting him up well over $500k - you can read more about these games in yesterday's report.

After he'd finished his morning games, Isildur1 took a 10 hour break before coming back refreshed for the evening session, but it took a while before he could make any decent headway after losing $95k to RaulGonzales in a 3.5 hour 2-7 Triple Draw match (in which JesusLebtNOT also lost to RG). It wasn't until some 3-way, 4-table $200/$400 PLO action opened up late in the day between Isildur1, Ike Haxton, and WRUUUUM, that Isildur1 managed to add to his already impressive daily haul.

In the space of 1hr 40mins, Isildur1 added another $320k to his bankroll, winning at 3 of the 4 tables he played, including a $238k win at table Teutonia. Blom also won the biggest pot of the evening at this table:

Isildur1 is ahead but a marginal 2nd favourite in this 3-way pot as all the money goes in on the flop, although with Haxton short, Blom is favourite for a decent overlay in the pot. As it turns out, Isildur1 makes a full house on the turn on both runs of the turn and river to take this $140.5k pot

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This huge win for Isildur1 sees him reach his 2015 peak of +$3.9m, with over $3.5m coming in the last two months.

The other six-figure winner from last night's matches was German pro RaulGonzales, who as previously mentioned beat both JesusLebtNOT and Isildur1 at the Triple Draw tables, earning $179.1k in the process. As reported yesterday, Ben86 won $125k in the morning PLO games, and WRUUUUM ended the day up $123.7k after losing a little in last nights PLO games, having won big in the morning games.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$829.9k

RaulGonzales +$179.1k

Ben86 +$125.6k

WRUUUUM +$123.7k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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