Interview with BestPokerCoaching's Head Coach 'Gordon Gekko'

It’s been three years since we first spoke with Best Poker Coaching’s head honcho, Gordon Gekko. In that time BPC has proven all the doubters wrong with Gordon’s students posting some extremely impressive results, especially BPC’s “Coaching for Profits” program. We recently caught up with Gordon to find out a little more about BPC’s growing operation, and why he believes that with his coaching methods, everyone can enjoy annual six-figure poker success.

HSDB: Hello Gordon and welcome back to HSDB. The last time we talked was in 2012. What has changed in the last 3 years?

GORDON: Thx, it’s great to be back. We have grown a lot since 2012 and produced many success stories. I am very proud of what my team and our students have accomplished

HSDB: I assume you are referring to the Coaching For Profits program? It seems to be getting some decent exposure across the internet – in a nutshell, can you sum up the program for our readers?

GORDON: First of all, Coaching For Profits (CFP) means that the student does NOT pay anything for the coaching unless he wins. So instead of getting paid by the hour, we only get paid if you win a lot.

BPC has created the most successful coaching for profits program in the world. Many players who joined us were losing or making only around $300 each month. After just a few months of coaching with us, they were having profits of $10k/month and higher.

Granted, we also have the type player who made already 2-3k per month on avg. He now is angry if he makes less than $15k/month. In other words, we help poker players make a lot of money.

HSDB: Those are very bold claims. Why would anybody believe you?

GORDON: The great thing is that nobody has to believe us. Our students publicly document their progress from the first day on in their public blogs. You can see their struggles, you can see the breakeven stretches. You can see the pain they go through. Basically, you see the REAL picture. You also see how they fight their way back and become even stronger.

HSDB: Being more transparent has to be a good thing, right?

GORDON: Well, the truth is we had to be, because nobody would otherwise believe me. When I started coaching and talked about how i helped friends to move up from broke to NL2k in 6months (back in 2009) and that I am the coach of some world class players (I couldn’t name them for privacy reasons), people became sceptical. I told people that with my coaching you can easily make $100k in one year even if you suck right now. I did not realize how crazy these things sounded to most people, because this stuff was normal to me and everybody around me.

HSDB: I have to admit that when we first spoke I was also a little sceptical about your claims, and I’d still advise anyone looking at any coaching site that they do their homework before committing to a program.

GORDON: Well, on the one side you should be, because most coaches do suck - even those who are great players. What I did know was that I had to be 500% better than everybody else in order to crush this industry. And I had to give some hard proof. So I told myself, let’s do it again! But this time, whoever will be my protégé, he has to publicly document the progress from day one. I know how sceptics think, so I will take every single excuse away from them. I also risked my whole reputation - something no other coach has ever done. Or do you know any other coach who publicly documents the progress of his students from day 1? Let me tell you, there is a reason why they don’t do it.

HSDB: So how did you find Imachampion - I assume you are referring to him as your first “public” prodigy?

GORDON: So this almost broke guy showed up and asked me if I’d coach him in return for some profits. The guy was not only broke, but also totally naive. But I’m like, if he got the right attitude, we can make it happen. So I promised him to make him rich if he showed me that he never gives up. I gave him a really hard test that most people would fail. He didn’t give up. In all honesty, he was piss poor, but he had the right attitude.

The first thing i told him was to call himself “Imachampion” and the rest ($35k/month, $100k in 9months) is history.

Here is a nice graph:

You can read his whole story here:

HSDB: I’ve seen the thread, did it have much impact on your business?

GORDON: All hell broke loose and everybody wanted to join my coaching program. The problem was that my time was limited, so in the end I took 5 people in total. By the way, every single one of them succeeded and made the 100k. What happened then was that even some of the biggest sceptics started to turn around, because they saw there is a method behind this madness. If those broke losing players and micro stakes guys could do it, everybody can. And it’s true, everybody can do it. My students became a huge inspiration for a big part of the poker world.

HSDB: When you say “everybody” can do it, I’m presuming you don’t mean this literally?

GORDON: Actually I do mean it, 100%. However, what you were probably trying to ask is if everybody WILL make it 100%. Here is the hard trutHSDB: If you want to move up from NL10 to making 10-30k/month, you have to do the same things that other people do in 3 or 5 years. Luckily it is not that hard, as we have proven many times in the past. But don’t forget: If you want fast success, you can’t get this done by working 15hours per week.

HSDB: Is the CFP program strictly for pro players?

GORDON: No. Today we can accept everybody into our program. The vision of BPC was always to make it possible for everybody to join our program - no matter where they come from.

If you watch the video of our ceremony (embedded below) you will see how a border cop from Slovenia with a family of 3 children succeeded. Today he makes more money in a month than he did in 1-2 years of his old job!. Having a full time job does not increase your odds though, but it’s possible.

We designed all our programs in a step-by-step way, so that every student can progress at his own pace. Sure, somebody who invests 50hours per week will improve faster than somebody who only plays for 20 hours. We understand that some people still have a job and don’t want to go all-in on poker. We give them a chance to succeed slowly at their own pace.

HSDB: When we spoke 3 years ago, you only offered NLHU and 6Max – I see things have changed?

GORDON: That used to be the case. Today we also offer PLO (6max and HU) and SNGs. We work with some of the best players in the world. For example my former student “bencb789” (finally I am allowed to make this public!) is the world’s best player in 6max hypers and our head coach for SNGs.


Everybody reading this could actually today become his student and learn from him without having to pay one cent upfront. I hope I’m not pushy, but these are very exciting times for motivated players who want to do something with their life.

HSDB: Ok, I think a lot of questions have been answered for now. If our readers have more questions, where can they reach you?

GORDON: I will of course answer comments to this interview, but you can also go to , learn more about us and see a lot more success stories.

HSDB: Thanks Gordon, and we’ll be back to you soon with some more of our own questions, and hopefully from HSDB’s readers as well.

Before we let you go, could you perhaps give us the short story about how you yourself became a professional poker player? And do you still have time to play or does the coaching take up too much of your time?

GORDON: After finishing high school in the end of 2006, I searched for a way to make money so I could realize my childhood dream which was to travel around the world. I knew about a chess grandmaster, GM Wahls (co-founder of Pokerstrategy) and read that he made money playing poker. I was hooked and knew right from that moment that I will become a pro. However, I’ve done so many mistakes that could have been avoided so easily with the right mentorship. After a 100k breakeven stretch at NL50 I had enough of being mediocre. Together with a good friend (magne87 from Norway) we lived poker 24/7 and moved up from small stakes to NL5k in less than a year. That’s my story in a nutshell. Today I rarely play. I stay sharp through coaching my students and they see with their own eyes every day that I could jump back into the games at any time. My bigger vision however is growing BPC into an education empire, which is not only focused on poker. I put my full energy into this. BPC has grown beyond me and we have great people on board like our COO Janez or our allround genius “humbuk”, just to name a few. Our coaches’ resumés speak for themselves, just look at the student’s results!


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