Luke "Fullflush/lb6121" Schwartz on JoeIngram1 Podcast

Luke Schwartz didn't hold back when discussing the account sharing accusation against him made by Doug Polk recently

Love him or hate, there's no denying that an audience with UK highstakes poker pro Luke "Fullflush1/lb6121" Schwartz is always likely to entertain; and there was no shortage of entertainment in his 1hr 45min "Poker Live Podcast" With Joe "ChicagoJoey" Ingram last night.

Schwartz, who shot to the poker public's attention back in 2009 after he went on a multi-million dollar rush on Full Tilt's NLHE tables, offending and amusing in equal measure when taking on the American high-fliers, including chat-box rants against the likes of durrrr and his acolytes. Schwartz also went onto explode at numerous televised invitation only tournaments and cash games, including this classic piece of poker TV gold against David Benyamine.

Despite not being in the public eye for the past few years, there is still always great interest in any Luke Schwartz interview or Q&A, so Joe Ingram's latest podcast will be a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a bit of controversy.

To be fair to Schwartz he is very aware of the image he created for himself and expressed some genuine regret for some of his more outrageous outbursts, admitting that durrrr didn't deserve the abuse he gave him, and that he cringes when he watches some of the TV clips where he misbehaved. He also admitted that after losing his roll a few times that reality kicked in and he adjusted his attitude a little.

However, fans will be pleased to hear that Fullflush hasn't mellowed entirely and let rip with a 10 minute rant against none other than NLHE legend Doug "WCGRider" Polk, who he played at $300/$600 2-7 Triple Draw recently. Schwartz was particularly aggrieved that Polk accused him in the chat box of letting Isildur1 play on his account in the game. because he couldn't accept that he was being beaten by Luke. Cue a hilarious 10 minute tirade against WCGRider (45min 30sec into the pocast) from Luke. If you don't get around to watching the podcast, it's fairly clear that Luke doesn't rate WCG's Triple Draw or 8-Game prowess very highly!!

Luke also gives his opinion on the likes of Phil Helllmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Isildur1, Andrew Feldman, Tony G and others; on his crazy baller days and million dollar daily swings, and how his life has changed since becoming a family man with kids.

There's also an interesting theory from Luke about the notoriously successful triumvirate of US FLO8 players KPR16, cottonseed1, and SallyWoo who have disappeared from the high stakes FLO8 games. He posits that the friends might have been using a program on Full Tilt to beat the likes of Gus Hansen out of millions which they can't use on PokerStars. Interestingly, Gus Hansen also said something to this effect a couple of years ago.

All in all it's well worth a watch, and you can check out the podcast in full below.


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