Huge $873k Win for JayP-AA at PLO

There was a ton of huge $200/$400 PLO action at PokerStars yesterday, resulting in a massive win for JayP-AA who ended the night with close to a $900k profit.

The PLO games began late morning with Sauce123 and Isildur1, soon joined by cumicon, JayP-AA, JayP-AA, BERRI SWEET, and Ike Haxton.

After losing over $100k at 2-7 TD and the first PLO games, Isildur1 was the big winner in the late morning/early afternoon PLO games, going up over $400k for the day by early afternoon, but dropped to just over $330k by the end of the session. The other winner during this first big PLO bout was JayP-AA, who came on strong in the last half hour of the session to go up over $200k. Sauce123 was the big loser, dropping well over $300k.

The games started up again a couple of hours later wth Isildur1, Haxton, JayP-AA, and, for a while, Sauce123 back in action. Haxton made a bit of headway during the first couple of hours of play, winning around $200k, with Isildur1 dropping close to $200k.

At this point, Isildur1 left 3 handed play with Haxton and JayP-AA and opened a 2-7 TD table with Zugwat, before resuming his PLO hostilities heads-up with Haxton. Blom won close to $70k at the TD table and started well at the PLO table. JayP-AA joined the table again and soon Isildur1 was $170k up at the table and back up over $400k for the day.

Unfortunately for Blom fans, it didn't last. With 90 minutes or so, Isildur1 had gone on a huge $600k downswing, pretty much all at the hands of JayP-AA. A quick $200k comeback was met with an equally quick +$200k downswing, with Isildur1 ending the day  down $260k. During this big downswing, Isildur1 was on the wrong end of one of the biggest pots of the year.

Isildur1 flops two pair against an overpair and is ahead to the river where both players miss the flush draw. The board pairs, negating Isildur1's flopped two pair. Isildur1 goes for broke, raising JayP-AA's river bet all in for an extran $120k. JayP-AA makes a great call to take this $346.4k pot

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After cleaning out Isildur1 and ending the day up $873k, JayP-AA is up over $1.5m in the last week.

The only other six-figure winner from yesterday's games was Ike Haxton who ended the day up $132k from over 1.4k hands of PLO. Ike too had a swingy day, swinging six-figures either way with a low of -$100k, a high of +$230k, ending up in the middle with a decent $132k win.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

JayP-AA +$873k

Ike Haxton +$132k

taktloss47 +$36.7k

WRUUUM +$34.4k

For current action, check out the live results section.


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