Isildur1 Wins $1m From WithColor in Huge PLO Battle

After an extraordinary day of action at PokerStars PLO tables, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's current upswing hit a new level yesterday as he ended an action-packed outing with an enormous $1,088,684 profit.

Blom's win was all the more remarkable as after a poor start to the day at the 8-Game, Triple Draw, and PLO tables he found himself almost $400k down by mid-afternoon.

After losing $12k in the mixed-games, $80k to thecotster at Triple Draw, and $28k to cumicon at the PLO tables, Isildur1 opened up several tables against regular PLO rival, WithColor", and the action went crazy!

At first it was not looking good for Isildur1 as WithColor opened up a $250k lead over the first two hours of what turned out to be a 7hr 20minute battle.

The action was fast and furious with both players adopting an extremely aggressive style which inevitably lead to a ton of big pots - 40 six-figure pots to be precise. Here are the biggest two:

Isildur1 flops top set (Queens), while WithColor flops bottom two pair (3's and 4's). The turn brings a second 3, giving both players a full house. The money inevitably all goes in and Isildur1's superior full house earns him this $274.7k pot

Time for a cooler for Isildur1 in this hand; WithColor flops top 2 pair and a flush draw, with Isildur1 flopping a smaller flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. Isildur1 makes the nut-straight on the turn and bets big. WithColor calls and the flush arrives on the river. WithColor shoves his last $65k and Isildur1 calls with the lower flush. $268.9k pot to WithColor.

As the match wore on, Isildur1 seemed to adjust better WithColors aggressive style and picked off some big bluff, made a lot of big value bets, and took down more and more big pots uncontested with pot-sized river bets.

WithColor had his moments, making several $200-$300k comebacks, but by this time Isildur1 had a lot of slack to play with and eventually battered his opponent into submission, winning over $1.1m from him over 3,208 action-packed hands.

Not quite content with his daily haul of just under $1m, Isildur1 was back an hour later to take revenge on cumicon, who had relieved him of a mere $28k earlier in the day. In an hour's play Isildur1 won at all four table they played, adding another $118k to his bankroll.

Incredibly, Isildur1 is now up $2.4m since last Friday. Considering the stakes he can play at PokerStars are half the size of the matches he played at Full Tilt, this is s truly remarkable achievement.

There was actually another six-figure winner yesterday, as Alex "BiatchPeople" Luneau winning a total of $145.8k, with the majority coming from a 40 minute heads-up session at the 8-Game tables against Trueteller.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$1.088m

BiatchPeople +$145.8k

thecortster +$78.4k


For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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