New Inteview With Phil Hellmuth Online

14 time WSOP champ chat's to mid-west newspaper en route to local poker night

14 timw WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth is back in his native mid-west America this week to play a Poker Night in America tour stop at Canterbury Park in Minneapolis. Hellmuth played in many a high stakes poker game in Minneapolis as an up and coming poker player in the mid-80's, travelling from his home in nearby Madison, Wisconsin. Prior to the match, Hellmuth gave an interview to local newspaper, Startribune.

In the Q&A Hellmuth talks about his parents reaction to his quitting college to pursue a career in poker, certainly not a career path seen as especially viable in the 1980's, especially, as Hellmuth notes, as his family were all highly educated with PhD's, M.B.A's, and JD's. However, although his father wasn't happy, Hellmuth notes that regardelss of not having the letters after his name, he's the only one in the family to have spoken at Oxford Univeristy.

Hellmuth also talks about his orginal goals in poker, how he has dealt with his ever increasing poker fame, TV poker shows, outlasting his detractors, and how to improve your game.

You can read the interview in full here


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