Ravenswood13 Wins $184k at Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

Isildur1 managed to turn a big win into a loss after tangling with his FLO nemesis Ravenswood13 last night

Yesterday's biggest winner was Dutch pro Ravenswood13, who ended the day up $184.9k after a near $180k win at the $1k/$2k Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables over fan favourite Viktor "Isildur1" Blom.

The day had actually been going very well for Blom until he ran into Ravenswood. He started his day with an hour and a half breakfast time heads-up session at the $200/$400 2-7 TD tables against Cort "thecortster" Kibler-Melby, where he won $44.5k from 297 hands. Isildur1 followed this up a few hours later when the pair met again at the $1k/$2k tables, where they played for just over three hours from early to late afternoon. From 607 hands played, Isildur1 carved out an $85.8k victory. Blom also made an $11.8k profit during an early evening 6max $100/$200 PLO session.

Despite being up over $130k for the day, Isildur1 was destined to end the day with a loss after his session against Ravenswood13. The pair played for a little over two hours and for 610 hands, in which time the Swedish pro lost all his day's profit and ended the day down $42.1k. Ravenswood13 won $178.2k from the session, ending the day up $184.9k when you inlcude three smaller wins at lower stakes FLO8 tables.

There were no other big winners yesterday, with second on the daily winners list going to riverdave who won $55.9k from 310 hands, with over $34k coming from the $50/$100 PLO tables, and the rest from the $400/$800 mixed games. The biggest pot of the day came from the mixed-game tables:

In this $100/$200 PLO round the action goes 4-ways to the flop. spaise411 hits top set on a Jd 2s 3s flop and he check raises the pot to $7400, with joiso coming along for the ride. The 9d turn changes nothing and spaise411 bets over $19k into the pot and once again joiso calls. The 5s completes the board (and the flush draw) but spaise411 goes for broke. Unfortunately for him joiso has an easy call, having rivered a straight flush - $81.6k pot

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Ravenswood13 +$184.9k

riverdave +$55.9k

cts687 +$34.7k

Crazy Elior +$28.7k

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