Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky Backs Isildur1 and durrrr for Online Poker Hall of Fame

During the podcast Sauce picks Isildur1 and durrrr as his top picks for any future internet poker hall of fame

The always enjoyable poker podcasts from Joe "ChicagoJoey" Ingram have not disappointed lately, especially on the nosebleed legends front. Among those who have featured in the last month or so have been the winner of the biggest ever online session, Brian Hastings, the biggest PLO winner over the past few years, Ben "Ben86" Tollerene, and the second biggest nosebleed winner at PokerStar and general all-round highstakes badass Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky.

All three are well worth a watch, but for entertainment value the Sauce podcast is, in my opinion, a much watch for highstakes fans. At 3hrs 17mins it's long, even for Joey's standards, but packed with good content.

For the duration of the podcast Sauce can be seen walking on a treadmill, somethingwhich he apparently also does whilst playing poker while he takes questions from Ingram and some of the podcast viewers.

During the podcast Sauce discusses the recent "bot ring" questions at PokerStars raised by 2+2 member Schwein and how the figures seem to indicate the presence of a bot ring yet PokerStars are perhaps not as forthcoming about listening to players that they should be.

He also give his assessment of his "15k hand NLHE challenge" against Doug "WCGRider" Polk in which he lost $3/4 million back in late 2013. Sauce admits that his strategy was way off and that despite going into the match with confidence that Doug was just way, way better than him at NLHE. He even said that even if he'd gone in with what he would now consider a much better strategy that he'd still have lost to him.

When questioned about upswings, Sauce talks about a +$1m session against Isildur1, although he couldn't remember the exact figure or exactly when it was (for the record we suspect he was talking about this +$1.37m session from May 2013) and how unlike most of his matches, when playing 4 tables deep with Viktor he is usually drenched in sweat.

Isildur1 also comes up when Joey refers to Greg Merson's question about the possibility of introducing an online poker Hall of Fame. When questioned about his choices, Sauce chooses Isildur1 and durrrr as his most obvious choices based on (in his words) "elevating the game of online poker and being a huge boss and changing the game, they're up there"  On Isildur1 specifically he said that he "completely revolutionised NLHE, he's an amaing Triple Draw player... and I feel like every game he's ever played he's revolutionised or brought a bunch of new things to the table."

You can see the podcast in full at Joe's YouTube channel here



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