Dan 'Jungleman' Cates - Role Model of Online Highest Stakes Consistency

Big swings are perfectly normal for the online high stakes. Every player who spent some time playing at the highest level will tell you this. Well, nearly every players, as Dan Cates, much better known by his online alias 'Jungleman12', doesn't seem to know the meaning of a downswing.

At the moment of writing this article, Cates' online winnings on Full Tilt stand at $10.2 million. While that fact is fascinating on its own, what is even more impressive that over the nearly 400k hands sample, 'Jungleman' has barely had any downswings.

According to his lifetime graph, he's only been on a seven figure downswing twice; first time between January and February of 2011 and a second time between March and April of 2014. That second swing came only a few months before he went on a tear to eclipse the $10,000,000 mark.

For someone not familiar with the high stakes scene, two seven figure downswing may seem like a lot, but those more devoted fans will know that for many players it is perfectly normal to lose and win back a million or more several times during a single month.

For example, Phil Ivey from the old Full Tilt days, when he used to play under the alias "Phil Ivey", although he amassed winnings in excess of $19 million, went on several seven figure downswings and in the period from December 2008 to February 2009 he was in a $3 million hole in relation to the December 2008 peak.

Patrik Antonius, whose winnings under the alias 'FinddaGrind' amount to $5.7 million, also experienced bigger swing than Cates although he played only about 150k hands. One could say that he is just running well, but it is quite clear that 'Jungleman' is doing something right.

Playing the best

Cates utilized his natural talent for math and love for numbers and turned it into superbly successful poker career. Despite of somewhat rough start in local cash games, he remained undeterred and in 2008 he found online poker where the talent, combined with the desire to succeed turned him into one of the most feared online players to have ever lived.

'Jungleman12' is up money on some of the best high stakes players, including the two mentioned in the earlier passages, taking them on heads-up and in the ring games. He accepted the infamous 'durrrr' challenge, the heads-up confrontation that the entire poker community followed closely. However, despite of it starting back in 2010, it has not yet been concluded and has been a cause of a lot of controversy as Dwan has been avoiding to meet Cates at the tables.

Poker changed Cates' life, as it enabled him to meet new people and opened him up to new experiences. In his own words, some of those were great, the others not so much. However, Cates' personal life is a whole different topic. All of it has little to do with his achievements at the nosebleeds. As of right now, 'Jungleman' is certainly one of the most consistent players to have played at this level and knowing what we know about his game, this is not very likely to change in the near future either.


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