Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond Wins $177k at 2-7 Triple Draw

Phil Galfond was on form in yesterday morning's heads-up match with thecortster, and he walked away a $177k Triple Draw winner.

The biggest match from yesterday's high stakes games took place between Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond and Cort "thecortster" Kibler-Melby at Full Tilt's $1k/$2k 2-7 Triple Draw tables, resulting in a resounding victory for Galfond, who ended the day up $176.7k.

The match, which took place in the early hours of yesterday morning, lasted nearly four hours and 396 hands. For the first half of the match honours were pretty even with players exchanging the lead, which never got higher than $40k for either player, and just over two hours in the players were dead even. The second half of the match, however, belonged to Galfond who's profit graph took a near vertical incline until the match ended at a little past 6am yesterday morning.

Carlooo13 nearly walked away with a six-figure win after a $98.3k win over Phil "Polarizing" Ivey yesterday morning at the $1500/$3000 8-Game tables. The pair played a lengthy 3.5 hour match, and for the majority of the game it was in fact Ivey who held the upper hand. After 2.5 hours the 10 time WSOP champion held a $160k lead in the match, but it was a short-lived advantage as Carlooo13 turned things around in dramatic fashion to end with his near $100k win.

The turnaround was helped in no small part by Carlooo13 taking down one of the biggest pots of the year so far in the $300/$600 PLO round;

Ivey flops top and bottom pair and initiates a raising war which results in all the money going in before the turn. Unfortunately for Iveyn Carlooo13 had flopped top set making him a 95% favourite to win the hand. Two runs of the turn and river failed to provide Ivey with the mircale he needed and Carlooo13 took down this $211.5k pot

The biggest winner over at PokerStars yesterday was kardioloq, who earned all of his $55.1k profit from just under an hour's play in a post-midnight session at the $400/$800 mixed game tables against BenyamineX

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

OMGClayAiken +$176.7k

Carlooo13 +$98.3k

HoldemJill9 +$68k

Kagome Kagome +$61.9k

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