Trueteller & joiso Big Winners at Full Tilt & PokerStars

Trueteller climbed to the top of yesterday's highstakes leaderboard in just 51 hands of play at Full Tilts 2-7 Triple Draw tables

Yesterday brought six-figure wins for players at both Full Tilt and PokerStars, as Trueteller topped the daily leaderboard with a $112k win, and Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn bagged a $102.6k score over at PokerStars.

Trueteller won all but $1k of his profit from just twenty minutes heads-up play against French pro Rui Cao at Full Tilt's $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables. It took just 51 hands between 7.40pm-8pm for Trueteller to climb to the top of the daily leaderboard and after leaving the table he decided that he'd won enough for the day. Cao will be disappointed to lose so quickly, after having built up a $56k profit for the day earlier in the day at the $1k/$2k tables against Phil "Polarizing" Ivey.

joiso, who is having a great year at PokerStars, was on the rise again yesterday, winning $102.6k from the Triple Draw and mixed game tables. Once againt it as Rui Cao who was on the receiving end of punishment as joiso won $93k playing against the French pro (who plays under the screen name PepperoniF at Stars). The match was played at the $1k/$2k tables and lasted for 90 minutes - in fact right up until Cao switched to the higher limits at Full Tilt in his match against Trueteller.

There were no other six-figure winners yesterday, although there was a good comeback win for Mikael "punting-peddler" Thuritz, who was back at the tables for the first time in a month. The Swedish pro won $87.4k at the $1k/$2k 8-Game tables, playing heads-up against Phil "Polarizing" Ivey. The pair played for three hours, with the match even for the first two and a half hours. However, during the final half hour, Thuritz pulled away to end with a healthy win.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Trueteller +$112k

joiso +$102.6k

punting-peddler +$87.4k

JayP-AA +$64.3k

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