Big Winners at 8-Game, Triple Draw, and PLO

Rami "arbianight" Boukai was yesterday's biggest nosebleed online winner after success at PokerStars 8-Game tables

There were six-figure winners at the mixed games, Triple Draw, and PLO tables yesterday as the highstakes action ran for most of the day particularly at PokerStars.

The day's biggest winner was Rami "arbianight" Boukai, who won $126.1k, mainly at PokerStars $400/$800 8-Game tables.

Although he made most of his money in the mixed games, arianight won his first $38k from Stars 2-7 Triple Draw tables in the early hours of yesterday morning. The remainder came from just over seven hours play across the afternoon and evening in the mixed games. The majority of his profit came from playing heads-up againtst Mikael "ChaoRen160" Thuritz, including a $47k win from over two hours play at table Kalliope IV yesterday mid-afternoon.

The only six-figure winner over at Full Tilt was Trueteller, who once again faced off at Full Tilt's $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables against thecortster. The pair played for two hours, once again in the early hours of the morning. Trueteller got off to a flying start, and with 45 minutes was up over $170k. Over the next hour thecortster was able to regain a little ground, but Trueteller still emerges a $105.9k victor.

The final big winner from yesterday's games was mrw8419 who won $101.2k from six hours morning play at PokerStars $50/$100 PLO tables playing heads-up against LEXER1986, where he also took down the day's biggest pot:

A real cooler here for LEXER1986 who flops a set of fives but falls behind on the turn as his opponent makes a set of 10's and mrw8419 ends up taking this $57.8k pot

Despite losing six figures to mrw8419, and indeed going down over $200k at one point yesterday, a good comeback towards the end of the day meant that LEXER1986 only ended the day down $30k. His comeback included a $105k win over Cole "cts687" South, again at the $50/$100 PLO.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

arbianight +$126.1k

Trueteller +$105.9k

mrw8419 +$101.2k

joiso +$74.6k

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