Nosebleed Nostalgia: !P0krparty¡'s Highs & Lows - pt1 Autumn 2011

!P0krparty¡, the ultimate boom and bust boy

Although the highs and corresponding lows associated with the rise(s) and fall(s) of PokerStars PLO player "!P0krparty¡" never reached the eye watering levels of the likes of Isildur1 or XWINK (in fact, he didn't play higher than $50/$100), his story is every bit as dramatic.

Over two frenetic bursts of activty (one in late 2011, the other in mid 2012), this still unknown player played some of the most maniacal multi-tabling endurance poker we have ever witnessed online, steaming through the limits while playing up to 24 tables, coming back from busto, through the low stakes to six-figure days in a blur of frenzied action.

!P0krparty¡ first came to the attention of the poker world in mid September 2011 when he came out of nowhere to utterly decimate the mid-stakes PLO tables. Playing at $10/$20 he played up to 24 tables and at one point during a huge multi-tabling session had $288k spread over 10 tables (c.150 buy-ins!).

The inevitable move up to high stakes followed as the Canada based player moved up to $50/$100 where he began mass multi-tabling the best PLO players in the game at the 6 max tables with huge waiting lists emerging as everyone tried to take a chunk of !P0krparty¡'s newly found wealth, figuring that he was either a fish on a heater, or that his hugely long multi-tabling sessions would eventually get the better of him.

As you might expect, anybody multitabling highstakes PLO for this length of time is likely to experience some crazy variance and swings - and this is of course what has happened. While !P0krparty¡ will certainly be pleased with his net result over the past two days (+$247k) in between the first an last of his 14,780 hands he went up $200k, down to $75k, then up to $330k profit before hitting a major downswing and dropping to -$200k before staging a fantastic comeback in the latter stages (including an admirable $134k win playing HU on four tables vs PepperoniF) to end up with his near quarter million dollar profit for the two days combined - ending the 20th Septmeber with a $406k recorded win (although he dropped some post midnight, hence his $247k 36 hour session win!

However, the rush inevitably came to an end, and as is often the case with such players, they never stop until they've lost the lot, and over the next few days, !P0krparty¡ gradually dropped all his winnings and was left to drop down to midstakes again to lick his wounds.

By this time the rumours over the identity of the Canada based player had reached fever pitch, with some inevitably speculating that he and XWINK/Xblink were one and the same, with others saying the player was more likely to be Harry "UgotaBanana" Kaczka. You can read more about the speculation as to the identity of !P0krparty¡ in the 2+2 thread here

Wounds licked, and the mid-stakes once again decimated, !P0krparty¡ returned to high stakes around a month later - this time having worked his was up from as low as $1/$2 - and once again began his highstakes campaign well. Between 22nd-25th of October, !P0krparty¡ had consecutive winning days, earning $250k from a huge 18,000 hands played.

Things took a turn for the worse over the next couple of days however as !P0krparty¡ dropped $220k of his hard earned profits. The next couple of days were nothing short of astonishing as !P0krparty¡ went on a marathon session racking up almost 17,000 hands of $50/$100. On Friday 28th, !P0krparty¡ could barely put a foot wrong as he steamrollered the opposition to finish the day with a massive $288k win.

Once again though, he couldn't (who could?) keep up his form and on Saturday he dropped $324k, then dropped another six-figures after unwisely deciding that after playing 46,000 over a week and on the back of a major downswing, that playing Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond over several HU tables was a good idea. It wasn't.

This wasn't quite the end of the story for !P0krparty¡, however, and his biggest swings of 2011 were still to come.

After a short period of lower stakes rebuilding in early November, between 7th and 17th of the month !P0krparty¡ played another 60,000 hands, and racked up a huge $700k in winnings at the $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO tables, including a $333k profit on 17th.

Again, the vast majority of his winnings came from consistent playing 10-15 tables of 6max at any one time, but perhaps the most impressive spectacle during this epic upswing was a lengthy heads-up battle, once again against Phil Galfond. This time !P0krparty¡ more than held his own as the pair did battle over 9 tables, with !P0krparty¡ emerging as a six-figure winner. At one point he was up $1/4m, but Galfond brought the deficit down to a little over $100k by the time they stopped playing.

Sadly, !P0krparty¡'s party was over just a few short days later. Firstly he lost $200k on the 18th November, but then in the early hours of 21st November he lost a staggering $500k in just 8 hours sending him scuttling back to the lower stakes for the 3rd time in as many months.

The last $150k of his highstakes roll went to Rui "PepperoniF" Cao heads-up at $50/$100 PLO as he joked, "time to crush the midstakes".

Although he made the odd, fleeting appearance at highstakes over the next week or two, this was the last we would see of !P0krparty¡ until mid-2012. Come back on Sunday to relive !P0krparty¡'s last hurrah at PokerStars highstakes tables as we continue our Nosebleed Nostalgia series.


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