Cort "thecortser" Kibler-Melby Wins $250k in a Big Day of Heads-up Battles

thecortster wishes he could average a $500k hourly rate every day

Yesterday's biggest winner was decided in just over half an hour around lunchtime, when thecortster hit a huge run of hands to relieve one of the month's biggest winners, SanIker, of just over a quarter of a million dollars.

In a mere 82 hands at $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw table "Drab", thecortser ran riot and after leaving the table was absent from the games for the rest of the day. The win enabled him to end the week with a six figure profit.

SanIker was able to wirte off over hald his losses in a subsequent TD heads-up match, when he took $128k from Seb"taktloss47" Ruthenberg after a two hour mid-afternoon session in which SanIker had to comeback from a $120k deficit earlier in the match.

The second biggest winner yesterday was punting-peddler, who enjoyed a $189.7k win over FinddaGrind at the 8-Game tables, where they battled away for 4.5 hours. At one point punting-peddler was up $300k, but a determined FinddaGrind fought hard to keep the loss under $200k.

Later in the day, FinddaGrind found himself down close to $350k, after a Triple Draw loss to bbvisbadforme, and a poor start in his third consecutive day of heads-up matches at the 8-Game tables vs jungleman12. However, FinddaGrind was able to find a way through against the American pro, and ended this three hour match with a $111.2k win.

There were no other big winners yesterday.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

thecortster +$250k

punting-peddler +$189.7k

bbvisbadforme +$55.5k

ForTheSwaRMm +$36.4k.

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