WCGRider Wins $278k From Denoking as Their NLHE Battle Continues

WCGRider took back control of his ongoing HUNL battle with Swedish rival Denoking last night with a $278k win at the $100/$200 tables of Full Tilt

Doug "WCGRider" Polk was back to winning ways at the NLHE tables yesterday, after losing over $300k to Denoking a couple of days back. The pair's latest one on one match was played at the $100/$200 tables, and resulted in a $278k win for the American pro.

Denoking started the brighter of the two, eeking out a minimal lead over the first hour of what turned out to be an 10 match but it was a short lived lead.

WCGRider had much the better of play over the next four hours or so, reaching an early high point of just under $190k profit after five hours total play. Denoking did stage a decent comeback however, bringing the match within $30k of being even at the six hour mark. Polk twice reached the +$100k mark over the next hour or so, with Denoking fighting back gamely.

However, WCGRider wasn't too be denied this time, and he fought his way back over the next couple of hours to reach c.$150k profit, and over the last hour or so he continued to dominate (he also ran pretty well in the final stages it has to be said) to end up with a $278.2k victory. Winning the four six figure pots of the match certainly helped WCGRider on his way to this big win.

WCGRider wins the biggest pot of the day as he flops the nut straight with an up and down straigh flush draw. Denoking bets big all the way with his baby flush draw, but with zero equity he ends up losing this $169.7k pot after WCGRider checks back the river to induce a bluff from his barrel happy opponent.

Denoking won't be pleased to have lost with AA vs KK as WCGRider flops trips and rivers quads - $131.2k pot

Another tough one for Denoking as he flops two pair, only for WCGRider to have flopped top set - $126k pot

WCGRider certainly can't bemoan this run of cards as he gets it all in with his pocket Queens after Denoking had flopped top two pair. On the first run of the turn and river, WCGRider makes a set on the river, and on the second the board pairs 5's on the river giving him a higher two pair - $122.5k pot

The next biggest winner from yesterday's games was Follow The Hawk, who shrugged off some minor afternoon losses at the 2-7 TD tables, winning $113k from two tables of $500/$100 TD playing against PostflopAction, and then SanIker. He ended the day up $99k.

Over at PokerStars, supernova9 did well in the $100/$200 PLO ring games, winning a total of $98k, with $95k coming from a 3hr 45min session at table Eleonora II yesterday evening, playing against the likes of Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies, Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond, Ike Haxton, Dan "w00ki3z." Cates, and Odd_Oddsen, to name but a few of the players involved in the games.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

WCGRider +$278.2k

Follow The Hawk +$99k

supernova9 +$98k

Ben86 +$73.1k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page or for current action, check out the live results section.


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