bbvisbadforme Wins Six Figures at 2-7 Triple Draw

bbvisbadforme was the only six figure winner as the high stakes action slowed over the weekend

After the huge amount of Triple Draw, NLHE, and 8-Game action of late it has been a relatively barren couple of days over at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt. However, there was one six figure winner yesterday as bbvisbadforme ended the day up $109.1k after some 2-7 Triple Draw wins.

It was an hour's session around midday against Full Tilt Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom which provided bbvisbadforme with most of his profit. The pair played firstly at a $500/$1000 tables, where bbvisbadforme won $20.2k, before they moved up to $1k/$2k table Haft, where bbvisbadforme added another $57.1k.

bbvisbadforme completed his successful day at the 2-7 TD tables with a $31k win over Follow The Hawk back at the $500/$100 tables.

Although Isildur1 lost over $77k to bbvisbadfor me, as well as $20k to both Follow The Hawk and thecortster in some afternoon sessions, he ended the day almost even as he had won over $108k during some morning TD sessions against thecortster played at the $300/$600, $500/$1000 and $1k/$2k tables.

Other than bbvisbadforme there were no other big winners in yesterday's games.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

bbvisbaadforme $109.1k


HeadShotFyoV +$28.3k

yanek +$18.5k

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